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  1. Barrett M107A1 Legal in MA?

    I think I'm going to need a bigger check! [rofl2]
  2. Forced surrender of bump stocks in MA EOPSS letter, per GOAL

    So more of our rights here in MA are being abused. All this over some simple device you can make yourself to make your firearm shoot faster with far less accuracy! Now am I concerned..Yes, I am. But it is something in MA that I am used to as a legal firearm owner of this commonwealth. Look we...
  3. Non resident legality of OC pepper spray

    I went to a class held by a fireman. When I was at the nuke plant. He said If you need mace and don't have any for home protection or for your car. Use a fire extinguisher. It'll be very hard for them to breath and I used up close will stop them dead..[grin] They shoot farther than mace and...
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