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  1. The end of an era, Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot will hold one more event in October.

    I've always wanted to go, I guess this will be my last chance. I'll start planning now.
  2. The prices you guys are charging for guns/ammo is absolute extortion

    Hey OP, I've got a really nice Springfield RO Operator in 9mm for 950 if you really can't find ANYTHING and that's under MSRP of 1047. Deals can be found.
  3. TN School Shooting News

    Amazing how they push gun control and suddenly there's multiple shootings..
  4. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Ask yourself, is Cabela's taking a loss on selling what little ammo they have? f*** no. I know someone that works for one of the big manufacturers and let me tell you, their prices haven't doubled or tripled. If you think TSUSA doesn't have massive buying power and has to pay PREMIUM prices...
  5. Big Happening at the Skeet Field Today

    Glad everyone was ok. Still nothing compared to @Broccoli Iglesias
  6. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    My membership is expiring and not renewing this week. I haven't bought ammo in well over 6 months. I saw them post on FB thanking their customers and stating they would never price gouge their customers 🙄😂
  7. Ammo Shortage

    I couldn't give my Springfield RO 1911 in 9mm away a couple months ago.
  8. What color furniture for AR?

    I'm a black rifle kinda guy
  9. Developing a good FFL relationships

    Avoid 6.5 PRC, guy at work bought one on a whim, ammo is NON EXISTENT lol. I drive from Worcester to Littleton to do my dealings. Definitely don't spend much a year on firearms and I doubt Randy @Dean Safety remembers me by face or name but he's always treated me right regardless, what more do...
  10. Is it crazy to buy a Ruger 57 (chambered in 5.7x28mm) right now?

    I have, nothing crazy about it at all. But then again I shoot a lot of .44MAG and .460MAG as well..
  11. Target Sports Mystery Box

    Got mine today, no ammo and I've ordered a ton of .357SIG that's in stock lol
  12. Target Sports Mystery Box

    Got my email for my mystery gift today. Will post when it gets here.
  13. Is it crazy to buy a Ruger 57 (chambered in 5.7x28mm) right now?

    The round really does nothing special. It is soft shooting but that's about it IMO. Problem is that $2/rd is kind of "normal" for that round. It's a terrible choice for a first gun as well in my opinion.
  14. Panic buying your bucket-list guns

    FN FS2000
  15. News on Steve Foley (SwatGig)

    Condolences to the family. RIP
  16. Ammo Shortage

    Buy it now, HR.127 bans .50BMG
  17. Ammo Shortage

    The only thing I've seriously considered is selling off some calibers I don't use much and don't have much of. .300BLK upper and a couple hundred rounds, same with a 6.8SPC II upper. Great calibers but not worth keeping around right now.
  18. Cracked weld on my AR550 steel target.

    Preheat with a mapp torch, weld with ER70S-6 filler or 7018 rod, use torch again to bring the temp down slowly.
  19. Ammo Shortage

    Agreed, those other shortages didn't have the surge in new owners like there has been now IMO.
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