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  1. Long shelf life foods

    Update: Yesterday was a bottle of ice tea (2018), Kraft Mac & Cheese ( 2018) and Cliff Bar ( 2017)
  2. Long shelf life foods

    Opened and cooked a box of Hamburger Helper with a best by date of 2004 ! The beef of course was fresh. The packaged cheese sauce had turned brown. Once assembled, it was ok....not great just ok. I am cleaning out the back of every cabinet due to Covid.
  3. Tell me about... Maine...

    Keep this going! NH and ME are drawing me daily.
  4. Bridgford foods - shelf stable sandwiches?

    Bridgford Food makes shelf stable sandwiches in a variety of flavors. Does anyone have any experience with them? How are they? and do they bridge the gap in the survival diet? EX: Bridgford’s Shelf-Stable Ready-To-Eat Sandwich Line was originally developed for the United States Military...
  5. Wise Food Company?

    Does this food seem a better deal if I can get it at near wholesale pricing thru the group buy?
  6. Wise Food Company?

    I'm thinking of jumping on a large group buy on Wise Food Company - 25 yr freeze dried/ dehy food. What is the opinion of their products? How does it compare to Mountain House?
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