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  1. CZ Bren 805 S1 Thoughts & Changes

    nice write up. I considered one for a while but am holding out for the 806.
  2. Pinned and Welded

    360 degree weld if not pinned
  3. HK p30sk

    Looks like the vp9sk will be out soon http://www.heckler-koch.com/en/products/military/pistols/sfp9/sfp9-sk/product-overview.html
  4. Sig 320c vs HK p30sk

    you can modify the p2000sk mags pinky rest floorplate to work on the p30sk or buy this https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/P30SK-Finger-Extension-Pinky-Rest-205p17853.htm https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=17993&idcategory=0
  5. HK p30sk

  6. AR15 with 20 inch barrell or upper

    You could also order direct from Delton. They will also do the compliance work. I priced out an A2 upper 20" pin welded brake for 485(I think) I don't remember if that included shipping though.
  7. AR15 with 20 inch barrell or upper

    i think Stag and RRA sell compliant 20inch rifles and uppers. BCM never has their 20" in stock email Pete from ar15sales.com. I think hes still in NH
  8. Ruger Sr1911

    Great deal in the classifieds right now
  9. Good prices on AR parts

    What's your budget?
  10. AR15's - Who makes the best ones and why?

    i had the same issue. i sent them an email to be added to the notification list for that item. They told me it was indeed available and they updated their stock. I would shoot them an email and ask.
  11. AR15's - Who makes the best ones and why?

    Use gandrtactical.com code BCM16 for 10% off. I just ordered an 11.5 that ended up being cheaper from BCM. Same quick shipping Edit: code is for uppers although they do sell complete BCM rifles
  12. Ruger Sr1911

    Down worry about the roster. If you see one in a shop, buy it. If you see one for sale locally, buy it. http://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/threads/37553-MA-Handgun-Compliance-Q-A-Thread-(new)
  13. Glock 43 Trouble

    any tension on the slide lock? i ran into the same problems and realized I eff'd up putting it back together. flip it upside down and see if the slide lock falls into the slide
  14. Glock 19 Upgrades

    Skip the trigger guard undercuts and remove it completely
  15. Pistol under 550? GO........

    Ccw? Range toy? BTW, I was jk about the curve
  16. Pistol under 550? GO........

    So baller
  17. 7.62x51 NATO | .308 Rifle Recommendations

    Is she hot?
  18. Which one would you sell?

    list them both and sell the one that gets the first acceptable offer.
  19. Pistol "red dot"

    i guess i dont love them as much as i tought. got a chance to get an ELCAN specterDR from a coworker for "cheap" so these are up for sale
  20. Pistol "red dot"

    Love mine. I've got RMR06 on my SBR and g17
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