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  1. 80% lower ar15 i think i screwed up

    Forgive the color-blind in the crowd - is that blue or purple???? (And for those that are thinking right now, "how can you NOT know what color that is" welcome to a window into my world. )
  2. 80% lower ar15 i think i screwed up

    Oh I concur. But most guys are gonna do it JUST for the AR. And they'll finish one or two lowers and be done. The whole removing-metal thing scares the tar out of me. Something about sharp edges and slicing my body to ribbons. LOL
  3. 80% lower ar15 i think i screwed up

    Hey. I’m just trying to stop someone from making a huge mistake. Back in1999, I bought all this stuff for Y2K. Had I had a brain, I wouldn’t have. Would have saved me $1,000 or more. Stupid stuff that really made no sense for preparedness but people were talking about it online.
  4. 80% lower ar15 i think i screwed up

    Let me buy this $1,000 mill to make a $49 part. ;). If you have a mill for other reasons, then it's gravy. But most guys do NOT have a mill. Or access to one. Unless you are planning on arming your neighborhood, buying any mill for AR finishing is financially wasteful.
  5. Need a Router - Battery vs Corded

    I don't route much b/c they scare the crap out of me. Something about that spinning bit just scares me. It's like a drill on uber-steroids. As mentioned, for a "normal" sized router - I'd never even consider a cordless. But a small router for mini-jobs - DEFINITELY cordless. I do so...
  6. Cetme L, embrace that vomit green......

    That was fast start-to-finish. Next time you should build it from a shovel to make it challenging. Or maybe a rake. ;)
  7. Cetme L, embrace that vomit green......

    Not that it helps this thread, but I guess someone is working on a MA-Compliant CETME-L. I'm fascinated but can't weld worth a damn.
  8. MAADI ARM in 5.45 feeding issue

    Glad that worked out.
  9. Has anyone here ever built a Sten?

    Yep. That was what I was thinking myself. Funny is my 12yo son wants to LEARN welding. ??? He's so strange like that. He spends 90% of his free time in front of a PS4. But he's very artistic, does spray-paint paintings and such as well as drawing and suddenly wants to go 3D and learn...
  10. Has anyone here ever built a Sten?

    Yeah. That thread did a lot for me. I started mine about a year ago. Maybe a bit longer. I've held off at this point b/c I need to figure out my welding. I have never welded. So I need to either learn or find someone who does it. It's not a lot of welding, but enough. It's not hard...
  11. Ishapore Refurb BSA SMLE

    SO USA or SOUSA. Hmmmm. Probably SOUSA based on the way it was put on there. But it could be a lame attempt at an import mark. Or some guy owned it who enjoys a dish of spicy meat with 4 starches and maybe a fried egg on top.
  12. MAADI ARM in 5.45 feeding issue

    http://www.migunowners.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-47453.html https://www.firearmstalk.com/threads/ak-47-jamming.72493/ Sounds like most places that have been having this issue it’s ammo or mag. Steel case fmj.
  13. Anyone done button rifling?

    Channelling my grandfather. . . . Button, button, who's got the button????
  14. Anyone done button rifling?

    OK, color me interested. I'm barely capable of putting my Glock back together. But fascinated with someone who is thinking of making their own rifled barrel.
  15. Quality Glock Lower Parts Kits?

    I know some have had issues with SOME parts from there, but I got 2 Lone Wolf LPK's with some of their spring/pieces added in that worked great in a P80 setup. But I think I ordered it from Brownells, not Lone Wolf. I'd go Brownells. They seem to ship relatively fast and fair. I think...
  16. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    I take it the PMAG isn't a 10rd mag?
  17. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    maybe. Maybe not. http://www.ballisticsbytheinch.com/9luger.html Looks like around 100fps from 5 to 10”.
  18. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Yes. Roni is 1Gen. MCK or whatever is 2ndGen. Seems cheap for the PCC option with a short bbl.
  19. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    No. Not the Sig MPX. That chassis for the Glock Gen 3-5 frames. MCK. LOL. It was 3 letters starting with M. It's about $200. Another $400-450 or so for a Glock. Instant SBR-style item. Brace. No mag well in front of the grip. VERY compact. Well designed. For the price, it's...
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