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  1. Man armed with bow and arrow kills five people in Norway attacks, police say

    That's it, time to ban all guns in Norway.... (probably already have).
  2. Rod of Iron Ministries

    Reminds me of the Nuclear Bomb worshipping dudes on "Battle for the Planet of the Apes". Yeah, they were crazy too...
  3. Looks like this dealer stumbled on a hell of a collection.

    Whoever wrote those descriptions needs to purchase a thesaurus for additional adjectives. After reading the first couple of descriptions I kinda got the idea....
  4. LTC renewal....again

    Just got my letter from DCJIS telling me it's time to renew (January). I filled out the state form and emailed my towns licensing officer to see if I should mail it in, drop it off or take it to the appointment. He responded with twelve hours that they weren't currently doing appointments for...
  5. The Atlantic: Why Can’t Democrats Pass Gun Control?

    First article from the Atlantic that didn't make my head explode...
  6. sorry i havent been around.

    Right then, off you go.
  7. Facebook taking action on “extremist preppers.”

    I guess its somewhere between; Propping your feet up on the lazy boy while the world burns and you have no worries. And FEMA supply/logistics personnel eyeing your house as a possible alternate supply cache.
  8. Denied Based On Suitability (LTC-A)

    Calling the cops three times makes you unsuitable in the eyes of many....
  9. Who is still a fan of gun shows?

    Every one I have been to (at Rod & Gun clubs at least) featured every last FUDD that was a member. they would stand around clogging the aisles and mooning over a 60 year old shotgun that they would never shoot... Other than that, it is something to experience once or twice.
  10. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Finally figured out my .38 special problem with smoky rounds and unburned powder, I increased the crimp (right is before, left is after I increased the crimp); So I ran up a batch of 500 [cheers] I kept humming "silver and gold" from the old Rudolph the red nosed reindeer cartoon.......
  11. 2 teens in MA arrested after allegedly damaging 54 cars/businesses using air pellet gun

    Queue the "Pellet guns should require licenses" crowd on the left....... Always some ghetto wannabe that ruins it for all of the other people.
  12. Fall River Police arrest three, seize gun, magazine, ammunition

    Ammo's worth more than the gun...
  13. Another Tragic Waste Of Ammunition

    I wonder what the insurance implications are? Hopefully it is a normal fire claim and not a 2A issue.
  14. Biden aims to sign UN global gun registration treaty

    Man, it's getting hard to remember all of the BS government mandates that I intend to ignore....
  15. Which HK in MA

    VP9 is my favorite for ergonomics reason. P30 is good but I don't like the trigger as much as the VP9. The SK is my carry choice (guess you can tell I'm an H&K Fan boy). Definitely an individual choice as everyone has different shaped hands and eyesight. I do know that I have gone to purchase a...
  16. Getting into reloading finally

    I started with a Lee single stage to get comfortable and to take my time until things were REALLY understood. Then I went the "buy once, cry once" route of a Dillon XL650 (now the 750). There are lots of accessories you need along the way. Primer pickup tubes Primer flip tray Micrometer Digital...
  17. FT. Worth Crowd Delivers Instant Justice To Killer

    Morale of the story is not to bring a gun to a rock fight....
  18. How to securely erase data from hard drives

    Way back when I was a system admin at a hospital we would contract with Iron Mountain to come to our data center 2x times a year. They would send a grinder truck and we would carry out the crates of failed hard drives and they would shred them inside the truck while under video surveillance to...
  19. Projectile weights

    I just had a "My Cousin Vinny" flashback... LOL
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