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  1. Can I Take Possession of Rifle from Non-Licenesed Guy?

    Any idea why your cousin's, brother's, nephew would give away a rifle? That's a pretty valuable gift. But I am pretty sure if you got a NH FFL to transfer it from the original owner, to your Ma FFL, you are GTG. Now, depending on the number of evil features, it may be an issue. Hopefully one...
  2. Can I Take Possession of Rifle from Non-Licenesed Guy?

    accepted an AK as a gift from some clown in NH.... Who wanted to get rid of it after using it in a string of bank and armored car robberies....
  3. Good outcome

    This is exactly why you need an attorney that is well versed in Mass firearms laws. I know a few attorneys personally, and while I am sure they would be fine to call for a divorce or personal injury, my 20 year old college student knows more about Mass gun laws than they do. Don't get me wrong...
  4. Magazine couplers in MA

    Oh, like AR-15's ? Sorry man... I just had too. [pot]
  5. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    Yeah, the waiting sucks. Mostly because it is unnecessary.
  6. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    The real answer is they probably can. And they probably won't.
  7. Helping a friend: is that allowed?

    OP - there is a reason why they are called "drop in triggers". Hell, Four Seasons advertises that they will install an Apex trigger that you purchase from them, while you wait. They have installed a couple of short reset triggers on my Sigs for me before I picked them up. Chances are, if your...
  8. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    Well, they couldn't really say " If you are calling about the status of an LTC, Go f*** Yourself!"
  9. Do Pro-Gun Republican Sheriffs....

    https://www.pcsdma.org/sheriff.html Joe is pro 2A. But in Massachusetts it's all about your local Chief of Police, and a few of those are tyrants.
  10. Background Check

    I will be impressed if they have those records from 50 + years ago. I know they should, but...
  11. A question on transfers

    "Thunder Cats are Go!"
  12. A question on transfers

    As long as the handgun is on "the list".
  13. LTC and buying dispensary marijuana (not medical)

    Hey! Welcome to NES! I like the way you jumped right end to the deep end of the pool. Ballsy move. 1. Why would you want to pay retail? 2. Everyone under 70 knows a dude 3. If you really don't know a dude, have a trusted friend or your Mom or girlfriend or something do your grocery shopping...
  14. What to do when a police station delays your renewal LTC past your experation date?

    OP - Not trying to tell you what to do, but if this guy told me to consult an attorney, I would listen to his advice. He really knows what he is talking about. That having been said, so much depends on what town you live in, and their overall views/ policies wrt firearms. If you live in...
  15. Private Sale (EFA-10) of an AR-15

    Yes, it is perfectly legal. Not sure about what speculation you have heard. I would not be surprised if some FFL want to stay away from a transfer but FTF on an eFA-10 you are good to go. Some FFL's don't care. No more than any other firearm. IANAL
  16. Can I Carry a Black Powder Revolver?

  17. Can I Carry a Black Powder Revolver?

    Eeeeasy there McMuffin. Or when the day comes you are likely to find yourself labelled unsuitable before you ever get the chance.
  18. Target shooting on public land

    Join a club. Most are very affordable and it will likely be the best money you spend on your hobby. It will also give you more opportunities to spend time with like minded individuals
  19. Moving to MA - Can I shoot my guns at a range pre-LTC if an LTC holder brings me to the range?

    I am sure you already looked, but.... MOVING to Massachusetts? Read Here First!.
  20. MA Compliant S&W 686

    Ahhh, you are married too? She used to be compliant. Now just complaint after complaint. "It's to big! I can't get my hands around it! It's choking me!" " Put my sammich down!"
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