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  1. Mossberg 590A1

    They're in stock. Have ur shop order one from a different Distributor.
  2. new beretta 92fs "failure to feed" malfunctions

    My impression of the Ber. 92 / M-9 is very favorable for reliability. I have broken them over time ( Like most other guns), but everything man made can and will break? Problem areas: Locking Block, Safety/Decock lever on slide, weak or worn out magazines.
  3. GSSF Glock purchase program?

    How does the Glocck GSSF purchase program work? I heard you join GSSF....after 1 yr, you get a small purchase certificate, which you then take to a Glock Stocking Gun Dlr? Buy the Glock at some sort of reduced price. What does the dealer do with the Purchase Certificate? How does this work?
  4. Should I replace this slide?

    Is this guy serious? Like Really? WOW.....
  5. Glock 36

    I like the G36. It carries better than the G30 in my opinion. That being said, I don't carry either one. I have had some award winning performances with the G36, it can be pretty accurate. Of course, Glocks are not MA Compliant.

    Ok, just fired a brand new S&W M&P compact 40 with the 3 dot sights. After firing for the first time, one of the rear sight "Dots" fell out! I will be calling Smith asap, but in the meantime, anyone heard of this? and does any other Sight Pusher work on the M & P series gun. Example, if I...
  7. Colt 6920 Carbine Trigger

    I think a Stock Trigger should remain in a Colt 6920. The Colt 6920 is about the top in Combat / Tactical M-4s and therefore should remain stock with the internals. Why mess with something like it. Try the modified Triggers in the so-called "Hobby Guns" or the dedicated Match/Target/High...
  8. Quiet the Buffer Spring?

    Grease ....as stated above
  9. H&K P2000

    HK P2000 I tested an early HK P2000 in 9mm, with the DA/SA and decock. In initial evaluation, I found it comfortable and sleek. The Ambi slide stop/release, was I thought a little overkill, but it proved OK. There was a problem with firing the gun however!! I fired less than 30 rounds (Ball...
  10. Ruger's new revolver

    Sorry man. Just landed from SHOT. Didn't know about any previous posts.
  11. Ruger's new revolver

    Ruger LCR at SHOT SHOW Ruger did it again! 2 years in a row. Last Year was the Ruger LCP. This Year was the LCR. The Ruger LCR is a compact, small frame revolver made of Polymer., Aluminum and Steel. Capacity is 5 shots, with a sculpted cylinder and enclosed hammer for double action only...
  12. S&W 342 / lightweight J-frame pocket carry

    342,442,642 all in Kramer Pocket Holster. One complete package along with some speed strips in reaching distance. Kramer Pocket Holsters in Left and Right hand versions...depends what the use is and if Primary HG is carried.
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