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  1. Preppers, what did you forget?

    N95 masks, a hundred cans of bacon or hickory flavored Spam, cans of tuna fish, more cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer.
  2. Survey: What prep turned out to be most useful in Pandemic?

    My wife has officially labeled me a "Prepper". And I'm ok with that.[rofl2] The firearms,gear, ammo, mre's, generator, tools and other food stores are now making sense to her. LOL In fact she has a list of her own that wants to stock up on when all this has blown over to keep handy! Thank god in...
  3. Inverter question

    Honda EU2000I Inverter Generator would be a better investment. I have hooked up a few of these to small gen-tran panels for emergency heat, refrigerator and lighting. They are lightweight, fuel efficient and quite. You will have to be selective with loads. But they provide clean power for...
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