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  1. AR 10 build problem

    I had to remove material from my BCM CH to work with my AERO 308 receiver set. I bought the M5 set when it first came out. I don't know if the latest gen have the same problem
  2. MP5 Mag Wobble

    How much wobble? does it wobble with the bolt forward? I have a may 2019 zenith Z5P with some wobble with the bolt to the rear. It doesnt bother me at all. A user on reddit was able to reduce his wobble by bending the front of his magwell in. View...
  3. Tool Exchange/Loaner/Services Thread Feeler - Please Advise

    In Nashua HAVE: 556 and 300blk Go/nogo gauges Torque wrenches 3/8, 1/4 (cheap HF tools. I set and verify readings on analyzer at work) Vise blocks AR AR armorers tool SCAR 62 in/lb torque wrench
  4. First AR15 Build - Upper Receiver Insert ?

    nice to have. are you using a standard barrel nut that needs to be timed?
  5. Best value AR upper

    BCM. I did notice they are back to charging full price for BCGs and CHs, still a great value
  6. NES AR Build Party, Feb 27th

    I was able to use my DPMS armorers wrench for my 308 build. It was a mega arms barrel and a fortis mfg barrel nut. use the free float side with the prongs. doesnt need to be 308 specific. if you need it let me know id loan you my 308 guages but i lent them to a guy from work who got laid off...
  7. AR Build Party Feeler

  8. AK-47/74 Build Party 2015 - It's Official

    Is building the easiest way to SBR an AK in MA? Could a shop by a pistol add 922r parts, stock and barrel extension and sell it as a carbine?
  9. First AR-15 Build!

    These have worked great. Sometimes Walmart has them in store for under 70 bucks
  10. 1st AR platform budget build

    Don't buy 1 geissele. buy one for each rifle and save on shipping. You'll end up replacing the mil spec triggers eventually. Look at the geissele g2s they can be purchased online for 150 shipped or with a lpk for 180 http://www.righttobear.com/Geissele-G2S-Trigger-Lower-Parts-Kit-p/g2s-lpk.htm
  11. Need some help...

  12. 7.62 / 308 BCG issue

    Mega got my barrel and will be sending me a new one. They didn't say if there was an issue with it but emailed them back to ask. Wish I sent them my bcg to confirm oh well. I'm very impressed with their CS. Edit: mega confirmed the headspace was off.
  13. 7.62 / 308 BCG issue

    they have not returned a single email or call. I have direct email addresses from purchases I have made. Crickets. Mega on the otherhand responds almost immediately. They have offered to evaluate my barrel to help with my headspace issue.
  14. This from Brownells

    BCM. 439 gets you an upper, BCG, and COMP. OOS right now but they usually restock in a day or two. order ships in a couple of days where PSA might take a couple of weeks.
  15. 7.62 / 308 BCG issue

    Has anyone ever had headspace issues on any rifle? My bolt closes on the nogo. Takes a bit of force but it closes. Is replacing the bolt the first thing I should do? I know I could check with a field gauge but the fact the it closed on the nogo annoys me.
  16. 7.62 / 308 BCG issue

    Yes I can seat the pin with my fingers. New problem came up. The headspace gauges I rented online came in today. The bolt closes with the nogo. It's a mega barrel.
  17. 7.62 / 308 BCG issue

    I could see a line where the pin head came in contact with the upper. I rubbed my finger across it and it wiped away. There is no groove that I can feel no shavings on my fingers. I only have 40 rounds and maybe a few dozen manual cycles through it.
  18. 7.62 / 308 BCG issue

    I flattened out the pin as recommended. I also took a little material off one of the legs and shaped it with my Dremel. The pin now sits within the carrier and no longer sticks out beyond the carrier.
  19. 7.62 / 308 BCG issue

    Thanks I'll try to flattening it out a bit. Here's a shot of mine.
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