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  1. Form 1 - Re-Register?

    Its been a while since Ive used MIRCS. Can you even proceed with a rifle with barrel length under 16"? I thought I read in a read on NES that it got kicked back. I could be imagining it
  2. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

  3. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    I have a SCAR 17 purchased in MASS on an FA10 days before the Healy ban. I've since moved to NH. Can this be sold to a mass resident if brought back to AWB configuration?
  4. Ending a wounded animal's suffering

    Our floor supervisor called to cops about a deer that was struck by a vehicle. The officer fired a shot and he loaded the deer into the back of his truck. When he got home the the deers eyes were moving and still breathing. The officer missed
  5. GLOCK Modifications

    nothing is legal. go nuts
  6. Straw Purchase or not

    yeah i just didnt "information in a court" still dont
  7. Straw Purchase or not

    see 11a https://www.atf.gov/file/61446/download makes me wonder how we now answer 11b
  8. MA FA-10 completed by gun shop on stripped lowers

    i know. I was joking about the .223 P239
  9. MA FA-10 completed by gun shop on stripped lowers

    its on the approved roster.
  10. Duplicate E FA-10 form?

    you can email the frb and request a copy. They ask for date of sale, buyer/seller info etc...
  11. AR vertical foregrip grip (detachable) legal ?

    Just don't slap one on a handgun
  12. Tax stamps and SBRs

    get in touch with member Rock Maple and get a trust set up
  13. Tax stamps and SBRs

    Head over to the NFA sub forum http://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/forums/111-NFA-Items-and-Discussion
  14. Permanently Plugging High Cap Magazines to 10 rnd

    Preban or buy 10 rounders
  15. Walther PPK mass compliant?

  16. storing/transporting/leaving a gun in a vehicle

    I've got this for my Tacoma. It does the job
  17. Buying bulk?

  18. Selling a stripped lower

    Bill of Sale.
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