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  1. My friend the 'Doc' has passed, medic 2/12th, 25th Infantry Div. Vietnam

    Jesus Christ. What a tribute. What a story. My sincerest condolences for the loss of your friend. A friend like that is rare. You are truly blessed to have had a friend like him.
  2. Our Son

    Are female drill instructors training male recruits these days? Or did he just come in contact with them?
  3. Our Son

    Were you thinking of this guy? 3rd Battalion DI. Fun fact- He was from Massachusetts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ribbon_Creek_incident. Everyone joked that way out at 3rd battalion no one could hear the screams, but I am sure the other battalions were just as fun. But don't worry OP...
  4. Our Son

    They were tearing them down when I arrived on the Island. The DI's jokingly asked the construction crew how many bodies they found.
  5. Our Son

    The fan was a cruel joke. Especially if your bunk was close to the fan. I went to a PI graduation a few years ago with my daughter. Those 3rd battalion barracks.....
  6. Our Son

    Hell, we had 5 guys get recycled for "sling palsy". I thought it was bullshit... until my left hand started to go numb and lose strength. They all developed it during grass week. I just stopped wrapping the sling as tight. No one wanted to repeat second phase. One kid got recycled for failing to...
  7. Vietnam MIA Statistics

    That is an awesome story Devil Dog. You must have damn near shit your pants when you saw that article. I'd be interested in hearing the rest of the story. Really cool
  8. Vietnam MIA Statistics

    I can't help but wonder how many, if any, Deserters, there are still alive. And if they were to be discovered, if the military would still prosecute to the full extent of the UCMJ or would just rubber stamp it.
  9. Happy 245th Birthday Devil Dogs!

    Hey! Now I want cake.
  10. Happy 245th Birthday Devil Dogs!

    Semper Fi my brothers and sisters.
  11. From one old soldier to another

    I was lucky enough to win one of those framed stamp sets from Skysoldier in a karma he did a couple of years ago. I display it proudly in my office. It holds a special place for me because my Dad was a WWII Marine in the South Pacific. I hope your Dad had a nice birthday and you celebrate many...
  12. The U.S. Army is now less kind and less gentle.

    This x 1000. My favorite was when they ran you through the car wash. They had those outdoor shower nozzles on pipes that they would turn on, but they never let you slow down enough to actually wash anything off. It just made it worse.
  13. Help with Military term

    Back in my day, pre ACOG, when the 1911 was still what Marines qualified with, a shitbird lacked discipline, was not squared away. He would be late for muster, lose his cover, fall back on runs etc. It was often a label given to a Marine to encourage other Marines to "help" him. "Seeing as...
  14. Army or Marines

    OP, does your son have any idea what he would like to do after the military? Or is he considering a military career?
  15. Army or Marines

    The conventional wisdom is that being a much smaller force, it is harder to make rank in the USMC. I scored very high on my ASVAB and was guaranteed rank when I enlisted, graduated boot as Honor Recruit so was given rank right away when I went to AIT. If your son has any interest in law...
  16. What to bring back from England

    If I could bring one thing back from England...
  17. Service Type

    USMC 0311
  18. Prayer request: Medic down

    Inbound. God bless the medics. They run towards the shit.
  19. Marine Corps 242nd Birthday!

    Yep. And I would be lying if I didn't admit I was scared shitless. I was 17 and Mom cried when she signed the paperwork. I turned 18 on the Island and my DI gave me the gift of doing an extra hundred squats and mother f***ers. 3rd Battalion recruit. Out where no one heard the screams... Semper...
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