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  1. any law against installing a muzzel brake on a bolt action .308

    No. Laws no longer apply. But even before they stopped applying, that was totally ok.
  2. Can I Take Possession of Rifle from Non-Licenesed Guy?

    I almost can’t even believe some of you guys grew up in the same America I did. Owning a firearm is a right granted to you by your creator (whatever/whoever that may be) ...everything else is just noise and should be followed only when it’s required for you to acquire said items (and THEN do...
  3. Law to unban suppressors in Mass

    I have no skin in the game, but there’s literally zero reason suppressors should be banned anywhere. They’re too god damn expensive for what they are though, and having just bought my first two for rifles (Nomad and Wolverine), I’m trying to decide just how crazy I am to have blown two weeks...
  4. Moving / LTC

    You’d be fine to do that, but he’d be foolish to not renew before he moves. I finalized my renewal about 3 months before moving out of state. The week I left, I notified all the proper authorities via certified mail and left the state. 1.5 years later and my permit is still valid in the portal...
  5. Come 1/1/21 MA recognizes the C&R?

    wait for it.... waaaaaiiiiitttt foooooorr iiiiiittt... ...I think he’s getting ready to say something😜
  6. Can you order a new AR15 lower in MA without running afoul of Maura's 'executive order'?

    its actually just a normal noveske. I bought one in America (Indiana) 2 months ago for $299+ tax.
  7. Letter to chief of police...what he wants to see in it?

    Dick pics...definitely dick pics.
  8. Helping a friend: is that allowed?

    JFC...just install the damn trigger...tell him to bring the beer. some of you guys, I swear...
  9. Borrowing Muzzleloader for Deer Season

    It’s not a firearm sir. Muzzle loaders are exempt from all the garbage laws of your police state. Have fun and good luck hunting.
  10. Desperate Times - eFA10 transfer by mail due to non-essential 'Stay At Home' order?

    There IS the validation tool on the portal as well. I've had sellers request copies of it for magazine sales via mail and it worked well. I tested the validation tool this morning and it works and it gives you a 24 hour expiration on the document. Is there anything anywhere that specifically...
  11. Desperate Times - eFA10 transfer by mail due to non-essential 'Stay At Home' order?

    Looked a few places but couldn't find an answer. What happens to the eFA10 FTF Private Transfer system if non-essential business is barred from happening state-wide? If firearms stores are closed (even though inventory is severely depleted), can MA residents still conduct transfers by eFA10 and...
  12. When/how did it happen - History of Massachusetts 2A Infringement

    I'm not trying to get all philosophical on you guys or bring up bad juju...nor am I asking for multiple posts with '7.20.16' in the body and nothing else of merit. I'm wondering if there's room for a thread here to sort of 'catalog' from your memories when additional laws were passed to...
  13. Storing ammo in magazine?

    I just so happen to be comfortable with a long range rifle on a tripod pointed out my window...is that cool? ...becuz zombies, duh! they could come at ANY time.
  14. Moving out of MA (to FL) - Timing & Law

    I changed my mind and have decided to comply (didn't realize the pitfalls of non-notification)...can anyone confirm that THIS is the correct form for an out of state move too? Seems like it's more geared toward in-state moves, but could just be a 'catch-all' I suppose? I'm going to wait until...
  15. Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban Petition for Certiori Filed

    basic rundown please? my porn subscriptions are through the roof and there's just no room in the budget for world news.
  16. An Old Man Moving to MA (Transfer Help)

    EFA 10 to himself with no seller information listed. It doesn’t matter if they’re pre 94 unless they’re prohibited black assaulty-types. I’d like to be the first to welcome 70 new firearms to the state!
  17. Moving out of MA (to FL) - Timing & Law

    I wasn't aware of this...that's an excellent bit of info though. My whole point of not telling anyone is that MA isn't likely going to be in a position to 'come back to'. All signs are pointing in the direction of confiscation and that's why I'm gtfo of here while I still can. I just renewed...
  18. Moving out of MA (to FL) - Timing & Law

    I’m moving to Indy and i’m not telling anyone...well, except the internet. Let them come looking for me at my current address when the assault weapons confiscation process starts...oh, the looks on the new owners faces :D Seriously though...what incentive do you have to tell them anything? As...
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