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  1. The big shooting range in the sky gets another member.

    Sorry to hear this. RIP
  2. Mass guys with LTC's... do you carry .45 or 9mm?

    Whenever someone says BBQ gun, I immediately think of this... Pure class. https://www.northeastshooters.com/xen/threads/bbq-colt-commander.417985/
  3. I would hope the straw buyer gets the book thrown at her.

    Rep point for being anti - dupe. Zappa is the man. This should be a tutorial on how to post relevant subject matter in a thread without creating a separate thread. As for the alleged perp in this post, there is really no other way to describe her other than stupid bitch. One son dies in a gang...
  4. PSA: Honor your WTS deal too much to ask?

    I would never back out of a deal. For me NES is less about stuff and more about people. Through the years, I have spent thousands of dollars, and many many hours, helping out NESr's in a variety of different ways, for no reason other than I think firearms folks should stick together and help...
  5. Mass guys with LTC's... do you carry .45 or 9mm?

    My one regret was selling my Sig 556. I have not sold anything since. Had to buy another safe.
  6. Mass guys with LTC's... do you carry .45 or 9mm?

    I doubt the 686 will be much, if any, lighter. And you can really pull the 1911 close to the body. I have a 4" - 686. One of my favorite guns by far. It's pretty hefty. But don't let me talk you out of a 686. Awesome gun. ETA: Yeah. The Commander is just a little bit lighter. I checked
  7. Mass guys with LTC's... do you carry .45 or 9mm?

    "Oh, an aristocrat" ( Curly from the The Three Stooges ) That right there is a classy carry gun for when you care enough to give the very best.
  8. Mass guys with LTC's... do you carry .45 or 9mm?

    I have to admit, every time I load a magazine with 45acp I can't help but think, "Damn, these things are big" And if the SHTF, you can pop a round out of your spare magazine and use a hollow point for a shot glass.
  9. Kalamazoo, Sheriff vs knife attacker

    I'm not a cop, and know they are trained to shoot center mass, but maybe a "warning" shot would have been appropriate. Knee cap the kid? Maybe shoot him in the foot? I know it goes against the gospel, but I would try something to keep from ending the kid. Pretty sure I could have gotten off...
  10. Kalamazoo, Sheriff vs knife attacker

    In this instance, the cop did not know the guy had a knife and got pretty close before the perp showed it. I agree that it's a shame the kid died.
  11. Kalamazoo, Sheriff vs knife attacker

    He's dead. Called 911 himself.
  12. Zeroing distance for a Glock 30 45.cal 230g with RDO

    Zero it at whatever the distance of your shooting range. You shoot at a club and the indoor range is 50 feet? Zero at 50 feet. Practice... Then take it outside and shoot at steel at 100 yards. Pay close attention to your "hold" after you walk the rounds in at 100 yards. Shoot some at 7 yards...
  13. School me on the 225a1

    If the 225 fits your hand better than a 229, you just can't go wrong with a Sig P series pistol. But Sig spoils you. I have a 220 and a 226& 229 in 40. When you get used to shooting a Sig, most other guns feel cheap and shitty in your hand. I feel like 229 & 226 in 9mm is a waste. They are both...

    One of the guys that works for me pronounces miscellaneous, as misK-ellaneous. We constantly give him shit about it.

    A midget on a moped is nothing at all like a Reptile on a Ruckus.
  16. Oooooh Nooooos boolats found

    Nothin for nothin, the guy is a dumbass. I would have walked out of my house and said "Hey, did you guys hear a gunshot?"
  17. Oooooh Nooooos boolats found

    For the record...I am not all gray yet, and I haven't grown a beard in years.
  18. Ooops. Someone’s in trouble.

    I know Paul Vantangoli well. I bet you know why.
  19. 24-7 Carry

    In fairness, he did say "while I am home"
  20. Trump/Nugent 2024

    Trump doesn't?
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