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  1. JP Morgen gets f***ed by Texas Loses $58 Billion

    I doubt they’re losing any sleep over it. Still nice to see them raise an eyebrow though.
  2. Deals and steals

    Can I ask...why are there so many replacement Glock barrels out there? I just bought my first Glock (technically it’s still at the shop...I just need to go pay the balance and pick it up). Are the barrels just garbage? You guys just like changing them out for funzies? Are these mostly for...
  3. Man Who Shot At Police In Self Defense Is Acquitted On All Charges

    And the police were never even charged. And they all lived happily ever after (in tyranny) The End
  4. Memphis Post Office shooting

    Yeah, but if there weren’t any guns allowed than this wouldn’t have happened.:confused:
  5. The end of an era, Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot will hold one more event in October.

    It should be mentioned that everyone that had been there before was pissed about having to wait for anything. It was basically red neck Woodstock, but no naked chicks unfortunately.
  6. The end of an era, Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot will hold one more event in October.

    I’m probably equidistant to knob creek as you are and it was still worth it for me. As mentioned, I had never been before, so it wasn’t really a choice but to catch the last one. The lines were long, but it really wasn’t so bad...everything LOOKED worse than it actually was. Lines moved...
  7. The end of an era, Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot will hold one more event in October.

    It. Was. Awesome. Packed to the gills with people, but well worth the trip. Hopefully someone takes the reigns and continues the tradition. It’s been on my radar for at least 4 years...just happy to have had the opportunity to see the show.
  8. Ballistic glass tesing

    Post pictures!!!
  9. Ballistic glass tesing

    I’m 1000 miles away, unfortunately. It was a LOT of fun though and I’d definitely take you up on it if I were still in MA. The only reason I shot that glass was because I was moving 1000 miles and didn’t want to take it with me due to weight! I posted photos in my post above so you can get an...
  10. Ballistic glass tesing

    FTR, it took me 20rds at 10yds to get ‘through’ a piece of uparmored HMMWV windshield glass w/7.62x51 out of an M14 w/22” barrel. 9mm did not penetrate after 20rds 5.56 did completely penetrate, but still no danger to passengers of vehicle after 20rds.
  11. Ballistic glass tesing

    @Mountain ...here’s another chance to break out the big boy :)
  12. Your ammo worries are over.

    Wait...you DON’T do that? I have some ammo I’ll never even shoot but just hang onto because it keeps appreciating in value. No sense selling it now when it’ll probably be worth double in 5 years and triple in 10 because they don’t make it anymore and are no longer importing surplus.
  13. During George Floyd riots police rolled around in unmarked vans firing 40mm rubber bullets at people, a man returned fire in self defense and was acqu

    That was...disturbing. Those cops should be behind bars. Way to disrespect your uniforms. Absolutely repulsive behavior.
  14. One less LTC holder in MA...

    I just like to show mine to people.
  15. FB and IG down worldwide

  16. Things People Tell You ...

    OR, you could just move to a state with castle doctrine :)
  17. Things People Tell You ...

    Shit, shower and shave?
  18. Looks like this dealer stumbled on a hell of a collection.

    I was thinking the same thing. ‘what’s with all the stupid revolvers next to all these cool guns?’ [pot]
  19. Looks like this dealer stumbled on a hell of a collection.

    JFC...next time, please keep these finds under your hat. I think I’m having a stroke.
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