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  1. Cutting oil?

    I'll agree with that. I get the stuff at work and have offered it to others here in small amounts. A little goes a long way at 5-10% mix.
  2. Cutting oil?

    Hangsterfer S-500CF, best cutting oil you can get IMO.
  3. Anyone familiar with the Modulus Arms HD AR-15 jig ?

    I've seen quite a few people come through the shop that don't know you can use a set of calipers to check depth. As long as you have a set you'll be fine.
  4. Anyone familiar with the Modulus Arms HD AR-15 jig ?

    I would honestly just say screw the depth gauge. Lower the bit down into the material in small increments and make your passes to clean out the material. Just make sure you don't do too much at a time. Final depth is 1.250 from the top surface of the lower. I assume you have a set of calipers...
  5. 80%

    I just usually start in the rear takedown area with a roughing endmill and plow forward so it only takes me a extra 30 seconds. I kind of like the way it looks without the wall milled though.
  6. 80%

    Looks good, you forgot the other 5% though lol
  7. 80%

    It's safer than keeping a round in the chamber of a holstered pistol. I get the concern I do, but it is physically impossible, the hammer slams the bolt catch before even coming anywhere close to anything.
  8. 80%

    That's exactly what will happen, got the witness mark to prove it on the first AR I ever built lol
  9. 80%

    I've left em raw and used paint, hasn't made any difference to me. Get some heat into it and hit it with BBQ paint though, I never thought of it until a member told me and it looks great.
  10. we build 1022 ! ... (part Odin)

    Now that is just amazing!
  11. Brick and mortar store that sells 80% lowers?

    There has been 80% stuff posted in the classified sections, do a quick search. Speaking of I may need to stop by and grab a few more.
  12. Looking for a local gunsmith that does barrel work

    Pullman Arms turned a barrel for me to add a muzzle brake, I'm sure they can do it. Northeast Arms also comes highly recommend on here.
  13. What to build next?**Imbel FAL**

    I got some big help with the DSA receiver, after that it wasn't too much work at all. The DSA was cheating really but I plan to machine the other receivers over the summer when I have some time.
  14. What to build next?**Imbel FAL**

    Got back to the range today, gas block adjusted to 0 and hand fed a couple rounds one by one on a empty magazine. Then I started loading 3-4 rounds per magazine to check function. Was a little fussy at first but after the 20 rounds or so it was firing beautifully as a semi auto. Tried adjusting...
  15. What to build next?**Imbel FAL**

    It fly's freely fine, the carrier itself wasn't locking forward all the way when I would hit the bolt release, I worked it back and forth a bunch and got it to close eventhough it was a bit tight. I'm going to follow what's in the Gunplumber book and lap the bolt carrier with the locking...
  16. What to build next?**Imbel FAL**

    I was using Federal XM80 ammo. I started at 7 and worked down. If I take the bolt out and drop it in it fits beautifully between the gage and the locking shoulder, the carrier travels freely as well. But as soon as I put the bolt back in the carrier and cycle it, it gets really stiff before it...
  17. What to build next?**Imbel FAL**

    Well some good news and bad news. Good news is I got the shoot my FAL a tiny bit tonight. The bolt itself fits the locking shoulder perfectly but the carrier just want seating forward all the way like it should. I did a little filing and it fits enough to where I was comfortable going to the...
  18. Cetme

    The only problem I see is the area where the triple frame goes is just as choppy albeit dimensionally correct, just gives a nice groove for the solder to flow in LOL.
  19. What to build next?**Imbel FAL**

    Well the barrel wrench worked great, I started tightening and soon realized that even though everyone said it shouldn't be a issue timing a little early, it was in fact a issue and I wasn't comfortable with the amount of torque I was putting on it. Ended up taking it apart and using a 5" sanding...
  20. New to Building

    Just use a 14.5" barrel and a muzzle device. The shorter barrel and making up extra inches is useless. Once the bullet leaves the rifling it loses all it's oomph and will just fall off sooner like a SBR. How much I couldn't tell you but I don't see any reason to have. 10.5" barrel and a 5.5"...
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