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  1. What's your favorite .22 LR rifle? (Non semi auto)

    All I have is my dad's old Remington 12C, so I guess that qualifies as my favorite. Not my rifle pictured, but similar: View: https://i.imgur.com/xZ6yQgE.jpg
  2. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    Yes, we shall see. It's still on my watch list and I currently have a short put position. Either I will be obligated to buy in at $2.55 a share or just realize a premium.
  3. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    More free investment recommendations... Just closed my UEC calls for a token profit, so you know what that means: UEC will be 50% higher in the next 15 minutes. Don't miss out!
  4. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    Not anywhere close to XOM's market cap, but some news on GEVO... https://investors.gevo.com/news/gevo-and-axens-ink-alliance-for-ethanol-to-jet-technology-and-sustainable-aviation-fuel-commercial-project-development
  5. New member here!

    Howdy, Max. Welcome aboard.
  6. 173 Shots Fired in 3 Incidents in St Paul

    It must be that ammo is available and inexpensive in Minnesota.
  7. .22 competition???

    Pachaug Outdoor Club (Plainfield, CT) also does .22 steel matches; open to non-members, too. I'm not privy to their schedule, however. Once they move indoors, I think most of their plate matches are only .22 rim fire events. I believe their last outdoor plate match was yesterday. You'll have to...
  8. WTS American Eagle (by FFV Norma AB) ammo, et al...

    1 box 6.5x50mm 139gr FMJBT $30 1 box 6.5x55mm 139gr FMJBT $25 1 box 7.62x54R 146gr FMJBT $25 Also, Albanian 7.62x54mmR, 148gr Light ball $12 per bundle (20 rounds). 9 bundles for $100 CT permits or equivalent apply. Not shipping ammo. No lay-away plans. I'll guarantee availability for next day...
  9. .22 competition???

    I didn't read through every post here, so my apologies, if mentioned already... The Sprague R&G Club (Sprague, CT) has .22 rifle and pistol pin (head) shoots monthly: "Reminder; We will be shooting bowling pin heads with .22 caliber handguns and .22 caliber rifles on the fifth Sunday of this...
  10. Ballistic glass tesing

    I've only launched the live .22 rounds from the Argentine Mauser onto a steel plate. I assume they detonate, but I've only recovered a few chards of the case. I'd think pulling the bullet and powder from a live .22 case and filling with BP might be more destructive; IDK...?
  11. Ballistic glass tesing

    In the future, my private range is available. No 5.56mm here, but 6.5mm Mauser, 7mm Mauser, 7.5x54/55, 7.62x51 and 7.65mm capable. Frangibles, live 22LR sabots and other bullet varieties possible (pictured rounds are inert, but live .22 LR can be used).
  12. Your ammo worries are over.

    I always thought "ammo futures" would be the thing.
  13. Oooooh Nooooos boolats found

    I guess they got me.
  14. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    Yes, and it is authorized to fall below 14,500 today. I have given my approval.
  15. I need 30-30

    Will 62gr JWC work? Perhaps something a bit heavier...
  16. 35 Whelen

    The guy in NW CT wouldn't ship?
  17. WTS Factory .38 Special/+P & surplus 7.62x54mmR ammo

    FTF cash, North Stonington. CT permits or equivalent apply. .38 Special/+P : 78 rounds ($55). 31 S&W JHP +P 16 R-P Golden Saber JHP 12 El Dorado Starfire JHP 10 R-P LRN 9 Federal JHP +P Albanian 7.62x54mmR ammo. Bundles of 20 rounds, brass-cased, berdan-primed, presumably corrosive. About 12...
  18. NW CT Rod & Gun (North Canaan, CT)

    If you are over that way.... 3-Gun Assault Course Center Fire Pistol/Rifle and Shotgun (75 pistol/rifle, 25 birdshot (7,8,9), 5 slugs and 5 buckshot) October 03, 20201 Sunday V.F.W. Civilian vs. Military Rifle Match October 17, 2021 Sunday Prior Military Only Pistol Match Army, Marine, Air...
  19. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    Alright NASDAQ! How about a repeat performance tomorrow?
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