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  1. 2020 Multitool Thread

    I’ve been carrying a Leatherman Supertool 300 for about 7+ years now. I’d love to cary something a little smaller/lighter but I’ve yet to find a multi tool that has the same type of awl. That is essential for me as I use it all the time at work.
  2. New Citizen and Their 2A rights

    So this may be an entirely stupid question so bear with me on this, whenever I’ve had questions somebody on here has been able to help me out. Anyway, a friend of my wife’s husband has now officially become a US citizen (very glad personally that he went through with it and did everything the...
  3. Polymer 80 mag dropping

    Hey folks, So I have a PF940c (gen 2 frame) that I keep having issues with. Once I was done with the build, on my first shots the magazine would fall out after firing one round. Did a little research and replaced the mag release and spring from the lone wolf kit that I got with Glock OEM...
  4. 05 - 2019 Mass Roster released

    Is the new Walther PPK/S “approved”? I’ve heard conflicting reports.
  5. FYI ON GLOCK GEN 2 17's for sale

    I’m in the same boat myself. Only other personal personal friends that I have that are gun people got the hell out of Massachusetts years ago. I’d love to do the same but not that easy right now...
  6. Minuteman Sportsmans club reviews?

    I figured this would be the best place to post this. So on a recent trip down to Florida, my father in law took my wife and I clay shooting. Now I had never been clay shooting but I already know I was going to enjoy myself. What surprised me the most was how much my wife got into it. So much...
  7. Once you go 80%.......

    This is all new to me but I have been thinking about picking up a P80 frame myself. After the build is finished, what’s the process of registering it?
  8. Ruger Releases M-LOK PC Carbine in 9mm + 40 S&W Models

    I like the Midwest Industries one better.
  9. Wonder What Went Wrong

    She looks familiar

    didn’t need the convincing already voted but sure I’d be in for one
  11. LTC Renewal Waltham Mass

    The thing that really is giving me question is this additional letter part. on page 3 of the application it has "Reason (s) for requesting the issuance of a card or license" and one of the options to check is "Unrestricted (use the below lines to indicate the reason(s) you are requesting an...
  12. LTC Renewal Waltham Mass

    So I'm going in to drop off my renewal paper work in Waltham tomorrow. Any one on here have any recent experience here? I remember when I went to first apply for my LTC I went for a No Restrictions license. If my memory serves my right the licensing officer did mention that they initial 6 year...
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