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  1. "there is just too many white people in here, and this is a space for people of color.”

    Eventually people are going to wake up and realize that today's Universities are the root of all of our social problems.
  2. Croydon COP Walks Home in Underwear..

    He forgot to leave a steamer on his uniform and toss the keys to the cruiser onto the roof.....
  3. Winchester .22 lr ammo Red box misfires

    CCI Mini-Mags... Problem solved.
  4. Oak Island "money hole" mystery.

    I keep checking this thread to see if the mystery has been solved.... I don't think I'll hold my breath.
  5. Not Guilty Blondes Running Like Gazelles

    They all need to eat a damn sammitch.....
  6. Free Chinese Hack WiFi Gear?

    Yes, but quantity has a quality of its own... Eventually we'll hit them all...
  7. Free Chinese Hack WiFi Gear?

    I remember hearing stories about usb sticks dropped in front of companies that were pre-seeded with virus' hoping someone would plug it into their companies network PC. Probably Urban Legends.....or not
  8. Information Technology field

    Definitely pick a specialty. The field is too broad for you to be a jack-of-all-trades. I started that way as a system admin and as our data center got larger I picked Storage and VMware as my specialty. Went from technical slave over to Pre-Sales Solutions Architecture and I now have trouble...
  9. CT. Man Who Put Wife In Wood Chipper Released From Prison Early

    Bet she wont burn dinner again....
  10. Scenes in the porch

    Just missing the alcohol for the trifecta...
  11. SE Mass Sportsman Show

    I went last year. Fairly small, no jerky guys.... But it was an interesting stroll around 50 tables and there were some actual deals to be had.
  12. General Dynamics Releases New Video Of Its Next-Generation Assault Rifle

    Ergonomics look all off with the magazine well that far back. Silencer looks like a pregnant marsh mellow. And the side canted iron sights remind me of a gang banger and his Glock fotay... No thanks..
  13. CNN "political analyst"; "okay maybe I made up..."

    I love Babylon Bees response;
  14. Catalina Lauf - The Republican AOC

  15. When Iran Took Americans Hostage, Bernie Backed Iran’s Defenders

    Flip that around and you'll be all set.
  16. When Iran Took Americans Hostage, Bernie Backed Iran’s Defenders

    He is the reason I started reading "Atlas Shrugged" again.... F'in looter....
  17. Florida GOP Senate Leader Grateful For Bloomberg Money For Gun Control

    I thought they said that Rino's were an endangered species??? Guess not..
  18. What ammo are you buying and for what?

    I reload for bulk target shooting (9mm, 45acp .223 and .38/357). But I purchase in bulk for quality 9MM 124gr HP, .22lr Mini-Mags, .45acp HP. And right now, prices are very good!!!! No one should have any excuses for future shortages (unless of course you have no money...).
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