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  1. Recording shooting data

    I have a Caldwell and use the app. Works great, free download for Apple or Android
  2. Long-Gone Gun Shops of New England

    Bought my first gun from Cline's in 1975. Remington 870, and I still have it!
  3. WTS Primers-CCI 200 Large Rifle

    Box of 1000/ea Location: Cape Cod/Southeast, Ma Price: $20 Contact: PM here Possible trade for CCI 300 large pistol primers or .45 ACP bullets
  4. Winter motorcycle storage

    Neither myself or the old Triumph like the cold much, plus I'm too cheap to buy all the cold weather gear. I salute those who ride year round though.
  5. Naval Aviator Who Survived 6 Years in Hanoi Hilton Dies at 91

    He started off in the Navy as an enlisted sailor towards the end of WWll, then later was commissioned as an officer after graduating from the Naval Academy. After the Hanoi Hilton he stayed in the Navy. I served with him towards the end of his career in the late 80's but never met him. He was a...
  6. WTT Inland/Rockola M1 Carbine

  7. Show me your carry

  8. WTS 9MM - Clean Range Brass. SOLD

    Location : Mid Cape Description : 3,000 cases- 9MM Range Brass. Inspected and tumbled Price : SOLD Will trade for .45acp Bullet Heads Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of...
  9. J. Geils won't be down for breakfast

    and Magic Dick!
  10. Getting a new Motorcycle, bc CA is retarded

    Man I sympathize with you after reading your story. As bad as Mass. is, I believe NY and California still have us beat in the Commie dept.
  11. Why are cleaning patch so popular in the U.S.?

    How about some of these...Cost twice as much as normal patches, but they will give you a "tactical advantage" and make you a baddass... [rofl]
  12. Top 10 Bassists of all time

    Berry Oakley is on my list
  13. WTT Inland/Rockola M1 Carbine

    edit added photo
  14. Who Rides Motorcycles?

    No riding for me for a while...even with the nice weather
  15. WTT Inland/Rockola M1 Carbine

    Looking to trade for a M1911a1, 1930's or 40's production. The Carbine is an Inland with a Rockola barrel in very good condition.
  16. Who Rides Motorcycles?

  17. Belgian Air Force Needs A Few Replacement F-16's

    Wow I thought only pilots wrecked planes like that. We'll have to pull a couple out of mothballs and send them to our friends in Belgium.
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