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    Yes sir why dont you send me a few pictures and we can see if we can work something out.

    I cleaned out my mailbox, please PM me contact info. I should be available this weekend, pretty busy this week. Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner. I'm on the south shore, but will travel anywhere in the state.
  3. Tree service in MetroWest?

    did someone ping me?

    I have been out of the game for the last year or so guys, some of you may remember talking to me about tree work shortly before i hade some medical issues, well im back! Lets do some tree work!
  5. One of the events that ruined my life this year, one of oh so many.

    Its been a long time, I miss this forum. I dont have the computer access though. I just want to say thank you, this site cured my boredom thousands of times. Not to mention the inspiration it gave me from reading some of the members posts. Some of you have even sent me thoughtful and helpful...
  6. What a night. . . .

    Yeah it sure does suck.
  7. Up all night thinking, not drinking.

    Still cant sleep worth a damn, i think i had a panic/anexiety attack yesterday...never had anything like that happen before, guess im just that worried.
  8. Up all night thinking, not drinking.

    I was gonna Jion the army at 18. Medical problems stopped it then, guess they were right...i did come back to hount me.
  9. Up all night thinking, not drinking.

  10. Up all night thinking, not drinking.

    Some of you may have followed my stories of the bad luck I have had in the last several months. Well tonight i am out of the hospital and feeling better, now im thinking...thinking. I havent been able to sleep, its 430 am and here i am thinking. Due to the medical issues i have very recently...
  11. Hot tub + Blood Thinners = Passing Out.

    Feeling better today, not 100% but better, I wont ever go near the death tub agian
  12. Hot tub + Blood Thinners = Passing Out.

    I know Thats the same quote i read, i shoudl have known that but i just got on blood thinners this week i had no idea.
  13. Hot tub + Blood Thinners = Passing Out.

    During my last stay there was 2 out of say a dozen. that were amazing. I think i might have gone to highschool with one of then, but the night she was there i wasnt doing well and couldnt really ask her where she was from or anything.
  14. Hot tub + Blood Thinners = Passing Out.

    Well, guess i cant ever go in the hottub ever agian, its only set on 95, i used to have it on 110, or higher. I think i was very dilarious in my erlier posts, im feeling much better now. I think i may have almost died. I am on a huge dose of blood thinners, i feel like a moron but i just didnt...
  15. Hot tub + Blood Thinners = Passing Out.

    In the waiting room starting to feel much better
  16. Hot tub + Blood Thinners = Passing Out.

    At this point i gurss im just a moron or something this is just the last thing i need, i must have hit my head good, im going back to the hospital, i pretty much just passed out agian, i feel confused and sick luckily girl is home by all! thnaks
  17. Hot tub + Blood Thinners = Passing Out.

    Just woke up feel pretty good, little head ache sick to my stomach
  18. Hot tub + Blood Thinners = Passing Out.

    I woke up on the floor i was alone, i thought i might be having a heat attack glad i googled it, i think i might still call my doctor.
  19. Hot tub + Blood Thinners = Passing Out.

    Yeah I was about to post i got out today, after a relaxing dip in the hottub of death
  20. Hot tub + Blood Thinners = Passing Out.

    Ask me how i know. Other things to look forward too, Chest pains, Shaking like Michael J. Foxx, and feeling like your gonna throw up. I should have Asked if the Hot tub was ok i feel like an idiot. I am glad I Googled it before i called 911. Btw this happened about 15 minutes ago
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