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  1. Red Alert! Deep State Planning A False Flag In Virginia

    The fact that the legacy media ran spin on it does not negate the optics of the actual thing. The NYT thing I read did not appear to be a hit piece. I mean, obviously they put some dumb bullshit in there but for the legacy media it was not bad. I didnt watch any coverage on the idiot box because...
  2. Red Alert! Deep State Planning A False Flag In Virginia

    Looks like the rally was nothing but a Yuge, 22000 strong optics win. Kinda tells Northam and his chronies: "If we have to come back, you probably won't like what happens.". The militia was quite well regulated today. Even the NY slimes couldn't even seem to figure a way to spin this in a...
  3. Faxxon barrels with integral muzzle devices

    Faxon 16" Pencil Profile AR15 Barrel, 556 Nato w/ Integral Slim Flash Hider So, here in glorious DPRM, would such a thing be legal to attach to a rifle? I honestly don't know. While the end of it is designed to function as a flash hider, its really just a part of the barrel itself and is...
  4. New Sig Bolt Rifle

    Yawn. I'd sooner take my K98 hunting than that thing.
  5. Puerto Rico to recognize carry licenses of states, partially recognize 2A

    Wow. A government of an historically crime ridden territory has actually enacted legislation which will have measurable effects on crime rates instead of legislating on feelings and double speak. Nicely done.
  6. Students Make Art with Guns from Worcester County Buyback

    This is what happens in the Schoolag Archipelago.
  7. A Healthcare Bill To Treat Gun Ownership As A Disease??

    What a big, nonsensical wall of word salad. What in the god damn hell is the author of that blathering about? Looks like he means this: "I have no idea what I'm talking about because I'm a clueless, out of touch academic, but i have a political agenda to impose on the plebs, so let me just...
  8. GM6 Lynx Semi-Auto 50 BMG Bullpup

    Because that would be like shooting one of those old school anti tank rifles (well maybe not quite that bad but its exaggeration for effect). Not pleasant.
  9. GM6 Lynx Semi-Auto 50 BMG Bullpup

    Why does this exist?
  10. House committee approves bill legalizing marijuana at the federal level

    Weed will be legalized. I really hope Trump will delay on signing the bill, or EO if the Senate wants to be a bunch of moralizing douchebags, till like 10/1/20 thereby dragging all the libertarians and fence sitters out to the polls in November. This is political gold for the Donald. Its also a...
  11. Poll: how to dispose of 10-yr-old bulk ammo?

    Ive shot rusty German steel case 9mm my grand dad picked up in ww2. After the war it sat in a shoebox in a damp basement until i found it. You'll be fine.
  12. Stupid things gun counter clerks say

    I still say that the most all around stupid experience I've had in a gun shop was when I tried to go pick up my SKS at the goose hummock. I wont go into it here because theres a whole thread on that situation, but God damn, that shit was retarded. Nothing since or before tops it.
  13. Cops Save Homeowners Guns After Propane Explosion

    And in MA he would have gotten a storage violation, ltc yanked, guns seized and placed into bonded storage and perhaps face jail time and/ or fines...
  14. Musket That Fired First Shot At Bunker Hill Sold At Auction

    I haven't done much gunsmithing since I got the job at the factory, but I kind of want to build a repro of that gun. Track should have a lock and trigger guard that are good enough but the barrel and bands might be difficult to source. If I had access to a traditional blacksmith shop, I'd be...
  15. Russian children will be taught how to assemble AK-47s as part of patriotism lessons in schools

    Does this mean that they get an ak when they graduate?
  16. Glock 43 double feeding

    Run a few hundred rounds through it. My 42 was doing shit like that until it had a good 2-300 rounds down the pipe. Once break in occurred, it's run fine.
  17. HI-Gun law questions raised after four shootings in five days

    Ugh. Tell that to my cousin who was gunned down outside of a bar in Honolulu last year by some gangbanger thug from Chicago or some shithole like it. Stricter gun laws wouldn't have spared his life... Retards.
  18. Lowell woman convicted in fatal road rage shooting

    Voluntary manslaughter after she follows the guy then fatally shoots him in the chest with a gun she's carrying illegally? Thats a pretty clear cut case of murder. WTF is wrong with this state? Don't answer that. It's a rhetorical question... Clown World. Honk Honk!
  19. Gun retailer broke law selling rifle to Sutherland Springs church killer

    Are ARs no longer legal in Colorado? I thought they just banned the clipazines...
  20. Gun retailer broke law selling rifle to Sutherland Springs church killer

    Uhh... If NICS came back with a proceed, thats on them, not the ffl. Proceed means proceed. Also, the Colorado dl thing is irrelevant. It's a rifle. If this guy was a shitbag and various parties failed to properly report his crimes to the relevant authorities, it's on them. The guy's murder...
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