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  1. Inclusiveness - too many white people here

    irony is they want to kick whites out of their 'safe space' yet everyone gets pissed when there is white flight at the community level... if everything is so much better with the whites gone, why you all mad when there aren't whites in your neighborhood? we're just creating a neighborhood wide...
  2. Cross-Country Riding w/Firearm - FFL Questions

    this thread is very timely as the wife and I just talked about doing a cross country drive out to CA then driving up and down the coast out there. I didn't think you could bring a gun into CA.
  3. Injecting meat with fluids in china

    my FIL is like that. I once made a beautiful bone in prime rib perfectly between medium rare and medium. he took a slice and fried it into shoe leather. he prefers all his meat over cooked. don't even get me started with how he insists on cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving.
  4. Options Trading

    you mean like a zj?
  5. Glock 17 or VP 9 ? Owners

    if you don't like the grip angle but like the availability of parts and cheap mags for glock platform, you could go the p80 frame route. they even have one that is basically 19 length grip but takes 17 length slides... so like a reverse 19x...
  6. Kimber Mass Compliant

    my first handgun was a kimber tle 2 bought way back in 2005. even has the external extractor. Saw it was used by the LAPD swat guys and decide I wanted one too. I've never had issues, but if I could go back I wouldn't get a kimber again.
  7. Lady asks strangers to pay for boob reduction as KK chest is ruining her life

    I've also had friends who needed a reduction. But that was after doing their best to lose them by losing weight. I'd have more sympathy for this woman if she had a healthy BMI and still had the back pains.
  8. New Star Trek: Picard coming 2020

    if you have a firetv or roku stick you can use kodi to stream it. plenty of YouTube videos on how to setup kodi to stream (pirate) anything.
  9. Tips for an Absolute Noob: Being a First Time Home Buyer

    make sure you buy something you can live in for at least 2 years and own for 5... if you do that then you are exempt from capital gains taxes when you sell
  10. Taran Butler in hot water?

    thank God for that... lord knows I out kicked my coverage with my wife [smile]
  11. Taran Butler in hot water?

    coincidently, the girl (literally since she was like 15 or something like that) Billy couldn't keep his hands off of ended up being one of Tarans girls for a while...
  12. Inexpensive SIG P320 magazines?

    sig is having a mag sale. full size 10rnd for 29 bucks.
  13. I am considering a P320 X5 Legion for IDPA..

    why not convert the usp9 back to da/sa? parts have to be cheaper than a whole new gun no?
  14. Restoring cast iron skillets

    I've read that flax seed oil gives a nice shiny black but potentially brittle seasoning and can be prone to flaking. I've used flax and had some flaking but mostly attribute it to lack luster maintenance on my part. I tried seasoning with canola oil (4 coats at 500 degrees) and after first...
  15. Asshats making LTC Quincy Ma difficult

    interesting. just a few years back my wife got her ltc in quincy when we lived there. no issues at all. no questions asked and she took a cheapo Groupon class (no live fire). didn't get any push back on getting an unrestricted ltc either.
  16. Alternative to Hoppes

    mpro7 has very little smell.
  17. Dangerous and unconstitutional: NJ governor bans sale of insurance to gun owners

    wasn't forcing every gun owner to get insurance one of the things the left wanted? now they don't? it seems like they want the threat of sueing every gun owner who ever has to defend themselves to hopefully discourage people from buying guns...
  18. School me on USPSA Carry Optic Division

    is there any sort of pre registration for this or just show up and shoot?
  19. ABC News Uses Knob Creek Range Footage In Place Real World Footage

    I feel like it'll backfire. Antis will freak out saying how that does look like a war zone and proof our toys really are weapons of war and how no one should have that kind of fire power :confused:
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