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  1. Placed on Leave for “liking” Trump & NRA Tweets

    Of course it is legal in MA. Everyone is equal. But some are more equal than others. Orwell lives.
  2. Hassled by clown Impersonating a police officer

    Exactly. Dude was probably bullied mercilessly in school. Now he's on a power trip but likely has absolutely no authority. Is not impersonating a police officer or otherwise representing oneself as a LEO, when one is not, a crime?
  3. Finally Free! No more China trips

    After 5 years of traveling to HELL for 4 to 8 months of the year in one to two month trips, finally escaped with a better job. Still lets me stay in NC. But I will have to go "behind enemy lines" for a couple weeks after orientation to the Baltimore Office. Job hunting after 55 is not easy...
  4. child services and police abuse

    Yup. In this case mom was a Medical laboratory tech working with for the VA Hospital. A truly honorable VA employee who took her job very seriously.
  5. California man claims swastika lawn display is ‘Tibet symbol’ amid neighbors’ complaints

    The swastika was, for millennia, a symbol to ward of evil. It was also seen in ancient Egypt. It is because it was seen as a symbol of good that it was adopted by the NAZI's.
  6. NYPD police chief commits suicide...

    Exactly what I was thinking. He must have shown up on a witness list leaked by DOJ insiders.
  7. First time house flipper....

    Advice on kitchen updates in a flipper. DO NOT replace a range hood with an over range microwave unless you also run a new independent circuit to it. Fans can be on a shared circuit. But an OR Microwave needs its own 15A plus circuit because they draw 13A or more. Flipper did that at the home...
  8. child services and police abuse

    There experience made them deathly afraid to challenge the state again. That was, of course, the result sought by the state actors.
  9. Cataract surgery

    Varies from person to person. My wife has one lens that should be good for site length. Her prescription is much lighter than before surgery.
  10. child services and police abuse

    about 20 years ago, a colleague of my wife had a horrendous DSS experience. Their 9 year old son was upset that all of his older siblings were out with friends but he had to stay home. After his parents went to bed he snuck out and went to neighbors. He told that his father was drunk and...
  11. BARGAINING THEIR BADGE: How police use their badges to dodge prison

    The more subtle badging occurs on the highways. My niece's ex husband rode with a BPD officer and a Deputy US Marshall. They'd run the highways of MA doing 150MPH. If a trooper lit them up the Marshall would stop and badge for them. The vast majority of LEO's care about doing the right thing...
  12. WI-'I was scared': Concealed carry permit owner shot man in self-defense

    My wife packs. She also has a handicapped placard. She doesn't always walk like she is of limited mobility. I limp more than she does sometimes. Lord help anyone who dares accost her.
  13. 2 Holyoke men arrested after gang task force raid yields heroin, cocaine, ammo, cash

    Isn't ammo a 1 year per round sentence adder for a felony conviction?
  14. Cataract surgery

    My wife had it done. But not until her vision could no longer be corrected with glasses. One eye at a time. Arms length lens in one eye. Distance lens in the other. She still needs glasses though. Progressives. Not being able to simultaneously focus eliminates depth perception. But she can see...
  15. WI-'I was scared': Concealed carry permit owner shot man in self-defense

    The left: Better that 10,000 innocent women die than a single criminal be denied their right to due process.
  16. There Is No Gun Show Loophole, No Matter What Shannon Watts Says

    Only on tv shows and movies do criminals boast about buying guns at a gun show in VA. They do this to further push the myth.
  17. What the hell has hijacked my daughters phone!!??

    I have 6 lines on our family plan. Works out to be about $50 per line. Verizon is actually pretty good about getting you into the best plan for your family. I've always saved money from their recommendations.
  18. What the hell has hijacked my daughters phone!!??

    We have Verizon. Switched to the unlimited plan. My son was using 10 or out 16G family plan and then only because I set limits. Now no limits and it actually costs less.
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