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  1. Any photographers on here? Show us some of your work!

    Downeast Magazine Photo Contest I've just entered three photographs in a Downeast Magazine photo contest. I've provided the links below. I hope you have a chance to look at them, click on the Like button, and, by all means share them with your friends. Thanks...
  2. Pitttsfield GOAL rally - photos

    This was MY sign:
  3. Pitttsfield GOAL rally - photos

    Smallish crowd, but ... WTH. I thought the official GOAL slogan, "Healy: Hurting Families" was a bit tame, and off the mark. My sign, which you can see at the end of this photo set, is what we need now. Walking around with signs is not going to help. Take a look. You may see some familiar...
  4. Open Invitation - Berkshire County

    If you're in the area on Friday, Aug. 14, stop by the Knox Trail Inn in Otis at 7 pm. Otis Amvets Post 77 is putting together an even to recognize the service of Army Sgt. Daniel J. Coelho, currently home on leave from his current posting in Germany. He's my kid. Dan served two deployments to...
  5. Identify this old uniform?

    A guy I know that deals in antiques is trying to place this photograph. Anyone recognize the uniform?
  6. Skysoldier question

    Well, if anyone has a reliable email for Kim, send it to me at [email protected] or contact me on Facebook. I'm known as Geoff Madeupname.
  7. Skysoldier question

    I'm keeping an eye on this.
  8. Any photographers on here? Show us some of your work!

    Our 30th Anniversary trip to Vermont We spent four days driving around the state. We stayed in Stowe, and branched out from there. I really need to spend more time in Montpelier. A great city for taking pictures.
  9. My kid. Adventures in Germany.

    He's 25. Enlisted at 20. Made Sergeant at 23. Earned his CAB in a firefight at 24. I'd say he's a bit older than I was at his age.
  10. My kid. Adventures in Germany.

    Sgt. and Mrs Dan Coelho at Volksfest. Beats hell out of Afghanistan.
  11. Looking for that thread about gun transfer upon death ...

    I hate to dredge this one up again, but I can't find that thread that discussed how to handle the transfer of firearms from a deceased party. The will didn't specifically reference the guns. Some family members are located outside of Massachusetts, the residence of the late gun owner. These guns...
  12. Any photographers on here? Show us some of your work!

    Some recent efforts The flag that flew over FOB Wolverine in Zabul Province on my son's birthday - Sept. 11, 2013: Flag and AR-15: Sunflowers: The river beside my house: Yo Yo Ma's shed in Tyringham. Lower Spectacle Pond in Sandisfield. Upper Spectacle Pond...
  13. Looking for a tree cutter - BERKSHIRES

    Looks like they're in Adams. I'm south county. I'll give 'em a shout though, if no localer options emerge.
  14. Looking for a tree cutter - BERKSHIRES

    Big ass white pine ... next to house. It's causing moss issues and has to go. Better than 80 feet high, maybe 100. Not an easy drop. I do not have a bottomless supply of cash at the moment.
  15. Any photographers on here? Show us some of your work!

    Seen on Railroad Street, Great Barrington.
  16. Any photographers on here? Show us some of your work!

    Found this spooky old mansion in Middlefield, MA.
  17. My son got married today ...

    And he had to tell me how they do the goat thing. Takes two guys. One grabs the goat around the neck, and ... Jeezuz! And we have a lovely 3 yo grandson from the first marriage. That girl wasn't cut out for Army life, but, to be fair, when the baby was a month old, Dan left for 12 months...
  18. My son got married today ...

    Yeah, those guys served in Afghanistan with a German unit. Dan worked with the ANA and Romanians. The ANA ****ed goats, right there on post at Camp Parsa. The guys watched live in the TOC at adjoining Camp Clark.The Romanians were a ... hardy breed. One officer would rise from breakfast each...
  19. My son got married today ...

    Correct, Juergen.
  20. My son got married today ...

    Did I mention? She's a bow hunter.
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