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  1. 2013 F150 no crank dash shows all warnings , module issues

    Last indie I worked for sent ADAS calibrations to the dealer for fear of liability issues. Also I started de-pinning harnesses that I've replaced so I have free test pins now. Nothing worse than chasing a problem you caused by using a paper clip that stretches out the terminal.
  2. 2013 F150 no crank dash shows all warnings , module issues

    @mac1911 You can try disconnecting all ancillary modules from the CAN and rebuilding it module by module to see if one is junking the CAN or if the PCM itself is the issue. Also look for water in the bus connectors/bars, but if you're going to outsource at this point, you might as well let the...
  3. need a new torque wrench...

    I got one of these mostly to use as a way to check my other torque wrenches for accuracy. My $10 Harbor Freight torque wrenches are just as accurate as my professional ones, according to this thing.
  4. Gentlemen Knife Reccomendation

    How about a Boker Mini Kwaiken CF?
  5. headlamp recommendation?

    I use the Milwaukee micro usb rechargeable headlamps both at work and around the house. Spot, Spot/flood, hi, med, low flood. Runs ~8 hours on medium flood. They also make a non-rechargeable version without the spot feature for 2/3 the price of the rechargeable one if you'd rather. I use my...
  6. VP9sk impressions

    It's just like the full size...with a bit less grip size, slide length, and a tiny bit snappier. For me, the reduced overall size makes the difference between comfortable concealed carry over the full size.
  7. 2004 Lexus Service Question had a parasitic draw related to the radio so the radio was disabled? And now the draw has spread potentially to another system? And the dash wiring is messed Is there rodent damage? Aftermarket radio or remote starter or alarm ever installed and potentially removed? #1 I...
  8. What would happen if I used a weapon to defend myself against a wild animal?

    I suggested to a coworker that mace/OC/bear spray was the right choice over a BB gun, since he didn't seem to want to get licensed and carry a firearm. I tried to explain the potential problems for him carrying around something that looks quite like a real gun but isn't.
  9. trailer hitch receiver size...

    I'm not talking about walking through a parking lot or down the street. I'm talking about when I am working on people's trucks for a living.
  10. trailer hitch receiver size...

    Sucks to walk around the back of someone's truck and whack a shin (or a noggin!) while trying to work on it.
  11. trailer hitch receiver size...

    Unless you have ground clearance issues with the 2", that's what I'd go with. It's much easier to neck down to 1 1/4" if you need to than it is to size up.
  12. Car battery charger

    This one was my go-to at work. Sometimes had to hook up a jump box to fake it into charging a dead battery.
  13. Things you said that were "misinterpreted"...

    I'm Chinese-American. 5th generation here. I speak English with a very slight New England accent. I no longer have the ability to speak Chinese, though when I was little, I could speak Toisan. Went to a Chinese restaurant. Waitress speaks English with a Chinese accent. She takes our order and...
  14. Knife Sharpening services recommendations

    I bring my wife's Kramer chef knife once a year to the Sur La Table at the Natick Mall for them to have "their guy" hand sharpen it for $5. They know better than to run her knife through their electric sharpener. I have Japanese whetstones, but for $5 and an afternoon or two at the mall, I'm...
  15. I may need some help!

    Boot jack.
  16. looking for quality kitchen knive sets

    Sur la table will sharpen a knife for $5, even if they have to do it by hand, like my wife's Kramer 8" Damascus chef knife. That thing is a lightsaber. They'll also happily let you try their knives before you buy. Just ask.
  17. $2k for a few toys

    9mm ambi and nice trigger? VP9 or Walther PPQ M1?
  18. Where can I find half inch thick, grey foam rubber for a gun case?

    Hazard Fraught has 2'x2' x4 for like $9 And I found 2 extra pieces I have left over you can have if you like.
  19. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    Another vote for the VP9sk or P30sk. Also want to mention the Ruger SR9c as I haven't seen it mentioned yet.
  20. Remote Starters - Cost? Advice?

    I recommend Mega-Watt in Marlboro. He did all the Chryslers and Jeeps when I worked for the local dealership there and he did the one in my 2014 Mazda3. He gave me 3 or 4 options from the most basic all the way up to app enabled and GPS enabled starters.
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