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  1. Hot Pepper Lovers

    Mind sharing your recipe or is it too secret?Huge fan of Jamaican jerk and always looking for a new one to try...
  2. WW2 Museum in Natick, MA - Highly recommend

    . Yup. There’s a lot of artifacts you can touch and pick up so they screen in and out.
  3. Free Propane Heater....with issues

    Bought this years ago new off Craigslist. Guy assembled it but never used it. I ripped off the tip over sensor and safety light BS and it worked perfect for years. Never a single issue. Weld broke as shown in pics. It's got some miles, but it could be put back together with some...
  4. Rave - Bunker 27 Shirts

    Updated title. That help?
  5. Rave - Bunker 27 Shirts

    I have no affiliation with this company, just two very positive experiences. Bunker 27 USAF Veteran Owned - Military Aviation T-shirts, Air Force First order, the shirts were much larger than expected. I contacted them via email to ask about setting up a return. I got an extremely prompt...
  6. Smoked Chicken Wings for Fathers Day

    Grab some Dinosaur “Cajun Foreplay” rub to go with it. Can’t go wrong.
  7. learning the way of the butt

    Weber Smokey Mountain here. I’ve never foiled butts. I like a spicy, crunchy bark. Longest I’ve ever gone is 14 hours, 200 internal temp, between 230-275. Little something I like to do is mix up a spray bottle with bourbon, apple cider vinegar, and apple juice. Usually spray half way through...
  8. Air show/Military vehicle show

    No aircraft, but some cool tanks and vehicles: WWII Weekend 2019 | The Mechanized Warfare Museum
  9. 67 Pontiac Firebird Convertible or a 65 Buick Riviera

  10. Rum

    Always been $32 for a 750 at Total Wine. Still shows the same price online. I'll check it out next time I go. Thanks!
  11. Rum

    Yup. Solera system. Solera - Wikipedia Appleton 12 year is my go-to for a decent age and price. The 21 year is fantastic but definitely not an everyday rum. Haven't tried the 1796 but been tempted. Next time...
  12. Saving Private Ryan - Theater Return

    Thanks OP. Got tickets to "The Cold Blue" too. Hadn't even heard of it before today.
  13. What is your favorite WW2 plane? (WW2 discussion)

    Nice to see some love for the Catalina. Group buy? View:
  14. What is your favorite WW2 plane? (WW2 discussion)

    I'm a huge WW2 aviation nut. Absolutely impossible to pick one favorite... The Spitfire elliptical wing and Corsair gull wing are so iconic, but I have to give the edge to the Corsair cause radial engine (and USA). The sound of a radial starting makes me giggle like a little girl. Always...
  15. Lighten the mood. Anyone want to hear about my Jeep?? ;-)

    Just Empty Every Pocket. That said, I sold my previous Wrangler for more than I paid 12 months later without adding a single mod. They sure hold value!
  16. There's Nothing The Berlin Police Hate More Than A Fake Hitler

    Not to hijack thread, but if you want to see real Hitler paintings (and a ton of other amazing WW2 artifacts), head over to Natick, not Berlin. Home - The International Museum of World War II
  17. Show me your watches. :)

    The dial is salvaged aluminum from "That's All, Brother", the C-47 that led the D-Day invasion.
  18. WTS WeatherTech Mats - 2012-2015 CR-V

    My other half ended up with 2 sets of these, so one has to go. Part number W270. Fits 2012-2015 Honda CR-V. Front row only. Black all-weather floor mats. Brand new, never unwrapped or installed. $55 on Amazon. $40 cash. Meet in greater Worcester only. 2013 Honda CR-V | All-Weather Car...
  19. Rt I90 NY speeds

    I go back to NY regularly as all my family lives there. I always have the Valentine V1 and it's worth it's weight. I notice it more on I-88 and I-86 where they run radar from the overpass/on ramp. Not as much on I-90.
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