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  1. Air Rifle near Boston

    Tewksbury allows air rifles at the indoor and outdoor ranges. The indoor range has 8 bays and is empty the vast majority of the time. 98% of the time my wife and I go, we're the only ones there. I shoot a couple PCPs there at the 50ft indoor. Airguns are sadly banned in Tewksbury (ugh)
  2. Target Sports Delivering Again

    If Amazon is ever late with a Prime delivery make sure to call or chat with them, they'll give you a credit. It used to be their official policy on their website to credit a free month of prime, but lately I've been receiving $5-10 credits instead. Not too bad since some of the items have been...
  3. Delete

    Yep, Amazon won't ship pellets either. Which led me to shop around and discover that they're even cheaper at Pyramyd Air with the buy 3 get 1 free deal that seems to run all the time. Plus it feels even better to support a vendor who creates a policy to that isn't even required by law. It's bad...
  4. Stack-on 14 gun cabinet sale

    It's a "feature" that the shelf doesn't go all the way back, and I was confused too when I first got mine because things would fall off the back. And then I got a large locking file cabinet (okay, a couple) for ammo instead and didn't have the problem anymore. And then I got something long...
  5. Help Identifying (prototype?) Remington 14 Pump Action in 30-30

    Serial number is 34514, grade C. If it is a Model 14 then according to this site it's from 1914 which would seem to match up with being an early production sample. Thanks smokey-seven! That's the kind of info I was really hoping the collective wisdom here would have. I wasn't aware of those...
  6. Help Identifying (prototype?) Remington 14 Pump Action in 30-30

    My grandfather lived his whole life in Little Falls, NY and passed away a long time ago but had a close friend who worked at the Remington factory in Ilion, NY a few miles down the road. I don't know of a direct connection but since everything in his collection was Remington I assume it all came...
  7. Anyone Here Good At Sig P320 Trigger Install

    I'm in Tewksbury and put an Apex trigger on my P320 and would be happy to help if you'd like. Mine doesn't have a safety though, not sure how much different the module is. It's a 5 minute install on mine.
  8. The goose hummock refused to transfer an SKS to me. That and the rifle.

    Oh yeah, there's definitely no knife length law. This was Shooters Outpost in Hooskett, NH and they were great to work with. They just had to do the check to make sure we didn't have any new crazy laws pop up in MA that they weren't aware of, but otherwise had no problem selling to a MA resident...
  9. The goose hummock refused to transfer an SKS to me. That and the rifle.

    About the knife length law or the fact that the muzzle brake is actually a grenade launcher? Because I was not about to correct the nice folks selling me the gun and make it any more complicated than it already seemed to be. I should have put that part in quotes since it was their words, not mine.
  10. The goose hummock refused to transfer an SKS to me. That and the rifle.

    Only too right. My wife absolutely loves it and specifically asked if we could bring it to the range this past weekend.
  11. Who carries a .380?

    Make that two people! I have a Bersa Thunder in 22. Great plinking gun.
  12. Who carries a .380?

    Kahr CW380 at 4 IWB with a kydex holster or appendix with a leather holster. It completely disappears.
  13. The goose hummock refused to transfer an SKS to me. That and the rifle.

    My numbers matching unissued Yugo was $500. Like you I wanted to get in before prices take off more than they already have. I can just see this being like the Mosin situation. But unlike those, ammo supply will never dry up.
  14. The goose hummock refused to transfer an SKS to me. That and the rifle.

    The only thing that saved it was it was pinned. It only took 45 minutes to verify that it was good to go. Some of that was them making sure that the bayonet wasn't over length for any Mass knife laws that were enacted since the last time they blinked...
  15. The goose hummock refused to transfer an SKS to me. That and the rifle.

    What are the odds... I just picked up a Yugo SKS today at Shooters Outpost and it took a while of waiting for them to verify but they finally confirmed it was Mass legal (obviously). Making it a bit more complicated was the attached bayonet and threaded barrel with a pinned/welded muzzle brake...
  16. front pocket pistol recommendations

    Kahr CW380 in a Garrison Grip holster. The full panel on the outside face completely eliminates printing. Of course a 9 is ideal but the CM9 is bigger and heavier so it just doesn't disappear the same way
  17. Snow Blower Near Stalled End of Driveway

    The best thing I've found for slush it to add an "impeller kit" to the second stage. All of the modern machines have far too much of a gap that allows slush and wet snow to pass by, causing it to fall back and jam the chute. Think of the second stage like a pump and if you seal up each vane it...
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