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  1. WTS DSA seni RPD belt fed

    Location : tewksbury ma Description : DSA semi auto polish rpd Accessories : belt storage drum and full set belts Selling Terms : cash, transfer at a ffl buyer pays transfer fee Price : 3500$ obo Contact Information: shoot me a pm Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with...
  2. Free lathe and mill Need to move ASAP

    One thing I forgot the lathe does not have a tail stock currently . But I’ll include a phase converter
  3. Free lathe and mill Need to move ASAP

    I run the machine shop for lowell makes . I’ve called around and schools and Other spaces aren’t interested . The mill is 9 Speed Vertical Milling Machine It’s not a full size mill or a bench top. R8 spindle . I have it on a 18” tall base to make it so you can stand and use it . Its not a...
  4. Free lathe and mill Need to move ASAP

    I have a mill and lathe I need to move due to losing space . Since it’s a short notice I’ll be giving them away for free Mill is a mini knee mill . Think 1/2 size Bridgeport . Sits on a 18” base . Lathe is a matador lathe . It’s a tool room spec engine lathe . If interested shoot me a pm...
  5. NES/MFS August Giveaway

  6. Hk bending jig

    i have a hk bending jig , if any one wants to borrow or use it hit me up.
  7. Looking for a CNC Upgrade to old (but new condition) Milling Machine

    I use soildworks and camworks at work not a fan of ether . Fusion360 I just like the work flow and I find 3d work easyier .
  8. Looking for a CNC Upgrade to old (but new condition) Milling Machine

    I would not waste the money on the other programs like mach . You really only gain some convo programming. I forget the company they make a small din rail mounted box that is a break out board and pc/with control software built in . That’s the other option I’d go with.
  9. Looking for a CNC Upgrade to old (but new condition) Milling Machine

    You can save a lot of money with Linux cnc . The soft ware is free , only thing you don’t get in conversational programming . The controller boards are like 15$ . I’m doing a mini lathe conversion for 240$ With ball screws and decent size stepper motors . Ball screws can be had cheap on eBay or...
  10. big boy

    Welded a 3/8 plate of 4140 on and milled a slot for it in the stock . I’ll have cross bolts holding it in .
  11. Metric FAL mag to Scar conversion

    Better off not touching the follower since it aids in the way the mag stacks rounds
  12. Will this build be legal in Mass?

    More legal the a build thread ....
  13. big boy

    with tequila yup. i mix between the too if theirs no booze.
  14. big boy

    Never though of that lol hmmm do I want to teach my self how todo that in fusion ? ...........
  15. big boy

    Finished 80% roughing . Big mess... Looks like it will be roughly 4ft long ....
  16. big boy

  17. big boy

    Roughing the front half in . Tequila and burrito time
  18. big boy

    what im thinking so far
  19. big boy

    Some aluminum 2” bar stock showed up today. Went to the shop early to help the pottery studio move stuff .... why do I agree to help do heavy lifting while drunk and going to be hung over ...... yoga pants ;) Any ways i found it when I came home, if the feeling of a axe in my brain goes away i...
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