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  1. Everytown pushes new ‘gun violence prevention’ measure

    More leftist grifting. More money pumped into cesspool urban areas run by woke democrats
  2. The Atlantic: Why Can’t Democrats Pass Gun Control?

    I'm super pumped to piss off the coastal metropolitan elitists, that lament that the biggest obstacle in their pursuit gun confiscation are voters who exercise thier 2nd amendment rights.
  3. **BREAKING** Collierville TN Shooting

    Not sure if serious I get my news from reptile
  4. Teach me about the Beretta 90-series pistols

    Retarded reliability Yeet yeet fist extension 1980- 1999 movie approved. Anyone could qualify
  5. Arlington Anti-Gun Webinar - Arlington Residents, Strongly suggested you sign up.

    I do not live in AHHHLINTON, and as a non resident I will inform them that I have a right, again as a non resident with no elected officials that I can hold accountable, my say means more than residents because I feel this way.
  6. US Military Court Rules Bump Stock Is Not A Machine Gun

    A bump stock is not a firearm. To assert it is is a retarded overreach.
  7. Big shot NYC attorney sues for LTC

    This is how democrats roll. This is why they need to get rolled. Thier entire premise on RKBA is that thier core constituency of hood boogers cannot responsibility own firearms so all suffer.
  8. The balls on Biden

    You actually just read my mind.
  9. The balls on Biden

    See you in court See you next Tuesday
  10. Women only basic gun courses ?

    Watch out for PM's asking for pictures or if guilty!
  11. I decided to buy a IWI Tavor x95

    Point in safe direction Always assume gun is loaded Know what is behind your target Always wear hearing and eye protection when shooting
  12. Canada: Liberals establish $1B slush fund for provinces which ban handguns

    What liberal about this bullshit? They are tyrants
  13. Bud got a denial

    Start cranking out 80s
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