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  1. nevermind

  2. Pelham & Chester NH no longer doing USPSA?

    I didn't have much time to shoot this spring so I didn't really look around at the schedules, but it seems like both Chester and Pelham have nothing on Practiscore or their club website schedules for USPSA matches. Anyone have any additional info on that, such as why they stopped?
  3. Local places (SNH) that sell shotgun tube extensions? Mossberg 930

    Long shot but does anyone know of a shop in/around southern NH that would carry an extension tube for a Mossberg 930? Poor planning for a multigun match on Sunday has left me possibly needing to cobble something together haha
  4. Pistol braced AR for hunting? Is 300BLK legal?

    **meant to edit the title but I guess I can't -- I know 300BLK cannot be used in "shotgun only" zones -- I'm asking about using an AR pistol or SBR in rifle zones** Question, and this may be incredibly obvious and I think I'm just overthinking the legalese in use, but I'll ask it anyways. This...
  5. Duncan vs. Becarra (CA magazine ban case) -- Judge is awesome

    Steven Stamboulieh (sdslaw.us) is a pro-2A attorney that is constantly fighting for our rights in NFA and NICS cases. He posted a thread over on arf yesterday (NoloContendere) where he purchased and posted the transcript of the Duncan vs. Becarra magazine ban case over in CA. This wasn't his...
  6. Local (NH) sources for bulk meat for dog food?

    I got a German Shepherd, and he comes home in 3 weeks. Breeder feeds them raw, and I intend to do the same. Does anyone have any hidden sources for cheap meat/bones/organs? Cow, pig, goat, chicken, sheep, etc is all on the table. I know about Lemay's in Goffstown, and am looking for more...
  7. Gift membership to another member?

    Can I buy my buddy a membership using my Paypal account?
  8. Background check on handgun purchase -- done by birth state or state of residence?

    Had a coworker ask me an interesting question this morning. He is an NH resident, but was born in MA. Went to buy a handgun from a dealer in NH, and when the salesman went to call in the background check, my coworker asked him how long they were taking today. The guy replied something to the...
  9. QuickLOAD

    I just got this the other day. It's kinda neat to mess around with. Any of you guys use it? I need to figure out how to accurately represent the beveled base in Precision Bullets' projectiles.
  10. Pelham IDPA 10/1 info?

    Anyone have a match bulletin for this? I can't seem to get a response from Art. I hear its a 3-gun, but I need info on load-out/gear/etc. Thanks!
  11. Glock 34 9mm coated/lead load results from today

    I've been doing some development lately for a cheap 9mm minor load for my stock barreled Glock 34 for USPSA and IDPA. Today I tested some Eggleston Munitions coated 125gr (0.356"), RMR Thunder cast lead (0.355") and Precision Bullets 147gr coated (0.356"), compared to my current load of 124gr...
  12. IDPA 5/21 at Pioneer

    https://practiscore.com/pioneer-idpa-may-tier-i-match/register Squad 5 if you want to be stuck hanging out with me all day [wink]
  13. Should I buy a SA 1911 Mil Spec after work today? (Update, I bought it)

    Choose my fate, NES. Every 6 months or so, I get the desire to buy a 1911. Then I shoot one, and remember I don't like shooting 1911s, and decide to stick to my fantastic plastic Glocks. I found a SA 1911 Mil-Spec in what appears to be good shape, with an upgraded trigger, for a good price...
  14. Stats on murders with AR15s in 2015

    (Is it kosher to link to ARF? If not, sorry, and delete) Mark LaRue of LaRue Tactical posted an interesting thread over on ARF last night. http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_1_5/1859995_Total_murders_attributed_to_AR15_rifles_2015.html Interesting but not surprising to see that the media reports...
  15. ARP 6.8SPC jamming on second round (handloads only)

    I have an AR with a 6.8 barrel from ARP. When I run S&B bulk FMJ factory ammo through it, it works flawlessly. With my handloads, it jams up on the second round nearly every time. I seat the loaded mag with the bolt back, smack the bolt catch, and it chambers the first round fine. Pull the...
  16. Case Trimming -- Frankford Arsenal Case Prep Center vs Giraud Tri-Way comparison

    Edit 7/1 -- please read entire thread since updates are scattered throughout Hi guys. I have been using the FA Case Prep center (LINK) for a while. The cutting head it came with was awful, and completely dull after about 2000 cases. I replaced it with an RCBS carbide cutter. I was an early...
  17. Form 1 suppressors

    My stamps finally came back last week, so I got my two new form 1 cans together and to the range today. On the SBR is a 6" tube w/ a 2.25" blast chamber and 7 FP baffles, 223 only (21/64" bit). Uses a YHM Phantom brake and QD system. Weighs in at 22oz. On the 18" SPR-ish AR is a 10" titanium...
  18. Federal Court rules NSA's bulk data collection illegal

    http://www.wired.com/2015/05/breaking-news-federal-court-rules-nsa-bulk-data-collection-illegal/ NSA's response?
  19. WTS Gustin Okayama Standard raw denim jeans (33)

    Pair of lightly worn Gustin raw denim jeans. These are their #75 Okayama Standards (https://www.weargustin.com/store/227). They are a size 33, and are just a little too big for me. No stains, rips, or defects -- just minor/temporary creases around the knees, and from being folded. Denim is still...
  20. Resizing without tumbling first?

    Trying to streamline my .223 process here since I work in bulk. Currently, I -- 1) Decap w/ Lee universal decapper 2) Swage on the SS600 as necessary 3) Wet tumble 4) Resize 5) Trim/chamfer/deburr 6) Either wet tumble again, or dry tumble to remove case lube Is there a quick and dirty method...
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