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  1. M1 Garand Megathread

    CMP is selling Criterion barrels up here in Vermont. Saw 308 and 06 Garand barrels. $200. I grabbed an 03a3 barrel for a winter project. If anyone is interested, DM me.
  2. M1 Garand Megathread

    3 years ago these were offered for $850. CMP Special FIELD GRADE (.308) M1 Garand. This is a completely refurbished rifle consisting of an original M1 Garand Springfield or HRA receiver, new production Criterion barrel, new production American Walnut stock and handguards, and new web sling...
  3. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    It's the first part here. I got my CM from a friend and he had already done the straw mod. Looks like he may have tuned it up to work with a different powder too, because the values I found stored were not default. https://www.primalrights.com/library/articles/re-programming-rcbs-chargemaster-combo
  4. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Tuned up my charge master. Total game changer. Went from being a PITA to use/wait for the final trickle to almost going as fast as I can fill cases.
  5. Getting into reloading

    Before you do or buy anything else, start collecting 1x fired brass. For rifle, Lake City brass is the gold standard for reloaders.
  6. NRA American rifleman (rifleperson)

    Got mine this week - label upside down. Can I please speak to your manager? There's a cool article on Korea era sniper rifles. @Mountain @mac1911
  7. M1 Garand Megathread

    The shooters world precision is supposed to be very similar to Varget. I have some, but it maybe a while until I try it.
  8. Any takers for the National Matches at Camp Perry in 2021

    Boat in the impact area!!! Speaking of which, someone told us that if you go out on the pier during rattle battle, you can see the bullets hitting the water. I had some time between relays and we did just that - super cool to see.
  9. Any takers for the National Matches at Camp Perry in 2021

    It happens. P100 and Leg "OK". Ended up dropping my rifle off of the cart after shooting 600 on Tuesday, so I knew my zeros would be off. So for the Doubles match on Weds, I had to get my zeros back, and we start standing. I determined I was 1.25moa down and 2.00moa to the left so I applied...
  10. Any takers for the National Matches at Camp Perry in 2021

    Skipping PM Games match today and probably AM tomorrow. Ended up shooting every day this week: P100, Leg, Doubles, Team and Rattle Battle. Did not expect to shoot the Team Match or Rattle Battle, so a little worn out.
  11. Any takers for the National Matches at Camp Perry in 2021

    Commercial Row kinda sucked, but I did get custom ear plugs made. Used them at the team match today, took some getting used to but I like them.
  12. Any takers for the National Matches at Camp Perry in 2021

    Unsure, but you would think so. Just remembered, they also had a rack of 6million range Springfields available.
  13. Any takers for the National Matches at Camp Perry in 2021

    I checked the store today. Little to no inventory BUT they are selling various IHC rifles and Winchester rifles $$$.
  14. Any takers for the National Matches at Camp Perry in 2021

    So far, so good. We got in last night. Checked in and got the rifles inspected today. The armorer had me take the sling off of my M14 to help it make weight. When you take your rifles to get inspected, make sure to put the stickers on your score cards first. Weather is perfect, for now. Looks...
  15. Which ammo for 1903 Springfield rifle?

    Careful testing over the years has revealed the same load that works well in my Garand hammers even better in my 1903A3. YMMV. Regarding a reduced load, I am running 125gr TNT bullets in both rifles. Again, same load both rifles.
  16. Help with an CAR 15 build

    The January issue of American Rifleman had a great article on these rifles. Might be worth a peak. https://www.americanrifleman.org/content/behind-enemy-lines-with-the-car-15-rifle/
  17. What eye protection are you using?

    Sounds good. Again, I am happy the solution you have picked is working out for you.
  18. What eye protection are you using?

    There is a concern around fogging. Shooting glasses sit a little further away from the face to help with that. They also may have some additional adjustments to help fit your face better or be more comfortable. Maybe safety glasses work well for you, so that's great. Personally I would rather...
  19. What eye protection are you using?

    These are a poor man version of randolph ranger or decot glasses and they work well. View: https://www.amazon.com/Radians-RSG-3LK-Shotgunner-Shooting-Glasses/dp/B00AU6D3FS/ref=sr_1_25?dchild=1&keywords=shooting+glasses&qid=1627591745&sr=8-25
  20. We Need a Northern New England Only Classified Section

    Mods should just make an NH section and lock it down. Extra points if you migrated from MA to NH, moving away from your job, friends and family just so you can buy a $400 glock.
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