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  1. Dealers visiting the state

    I am a dealer in CT and visit MA every month or so to go shooting at a private club. As a 01 dealer with an SOT can I bring standard AR type rifles and suppressors to the range in Mass? The ATF says I do not have travel restrictions but does anyone know the legal side of it from MA? When I...
  2. Remington Parts

    `Does anyone know if aftermarket parts are interchangeable between the Remington 700 and the Remington 770?
  3. Current Pre-Ban

    So what would happen to current pre-ban AR's if they end up passing another? Would they still be aloud to have a collapsable stock and the rest of the "evil" features? Any ideas?
  4. Silencer Question

    So how unwise would it be to shoot .22LR through a silencer designed for .223/5.56?
  5. New Jersey Visit

    I am visiting New Jersey for the week and am looking for a good store/range to go to. My google search shows places an hours drive from where I am but was wondering if anybody knows of anything closer to Princeton? Thanks
  6. 37mm

    So whats the deal with 37mm launchers and rounds? Some websites say that it is a restrict item others say its not. It seems like a fun round to shoot if you have a wide open area where you are not going to set anything on fire. Anybody know the legality of the 37mm?
  7. Transfer from deceased

    So I spent the last two hours reading the State statues and can not find what I am looking for. A coworker of mine is the "executor" of his best friends estate and needs to sell his firearms. Obviously the long guns can just be sold without paperwork, but how can he sell the handguns from his...
  8. 1911 Recoil Spring Plug

    I have a Springfield V-10 and I need to replace the recoil spring plug but can not easily find one specifically made for the V-10. Will a plug from a standard 1911 fit? Would this work? http://shopwilsoncombat.com/Replacement-Plug-Full-Length-Guide-Rod-Springfield-Compact/productinfo/25SCP/
  9. Out of State Sale

    I am selling my Springfield XD that I have here in CT and my current interested buyer is in MA. Besides shipping it through my FFL to the buyers FFL what else do I need to know. FYI, it has 12 round mags.
  10. Shooting in NH

    I am going to be traveling with the girlfriend the first weekend in March to Dover, NH. Are there any good shooting ranges and stores up that way?
  11. Trigger reset on Springfield XD

    So about 6 months ago I installed the Powder River Precision trigger kit and did not put the over travel stop in. I have put about 50 rounds through with no issue. Yesterday at the range I was having an issue with the trigger resetting. After the first shot the slide reset and cocked the...
  12. Obtaining FFL in CT

    So I just moved into a house that is zoned as a commercial property. From what I understand Connecticut is one of the few states that will allow an FFL out of a house. Does anyone on here know what has to be done to apply or if it is even possible? Thanks
  13. AK platform

    So in the AWB it says "Avtomat Kalashnikov AK-47 type" are banned. Does that mean that only original AK's are banned in 7.62x39? In CT what can I own in terms of an AK?
  14. Shooting on ones property

    So I have a friend who has a piece of property that he wants to shoot on. One is 10 acres in Redding and the other is 15 acres in Danbury. Does anyone out there know or point me in the right direction of what is required to shoot on private property. The last time a talked to a cop about it...
  15. AR15 Certified Armorer

    So I have seen a few people on here are certified AR15/M16 armorers and was wondering how to go about becoming one? I have build a couple ARs from the ground up and would be interested in becoming certified. If this is in the wrong area please move to the correct spot and as always your...
  16. Class III in CT

    So I want to go silenced on my pre ban AR and am thinking about building an auto AR as well. So all I really know about getting a Class III firearm is there is the extra tax stamp that has to be paid. Is the tax stamp a one time or yearly fee? Can a silencer only be sold by a Class III...
  17. Over Travel Stop

    So I just bought the POWDER RIVER PRECISION trigger kit for my .40 Springfield XD. The question I have is in regards to the over travel stop that comes with the kit. Out of the box the pistol does not have one. From other research that I have done says I need to grind down the stop to get...
  18. AR Muzzle Break Issue

    So I just installed teh RRA Tactical Muzzle Break on my Yankee Hill Fluted Barrel. I seem to be having issues with getting it to line up correctly. I have always been under the assumption that the gases need to exit squarely to the left and right. This is with no crush washer. The break...
  19. shipping CT to MA

    What do I need to know for shipping ammo from CT to MA?
  20. AR 556 conversions

    So I looked briefly for a way to convert my standard AR to shoot 5.45x39 to save money on ammo. I assume I would need a complete upper. Will the mag well on a .223 lower work? All I can seem to find is complete rifles
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