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  1. need help IDing a possible terrorist firearm

    Long extinct $88 Morin Naghant
  2. Ghost Gun used in Middleboro Shooting

    The court shows he's charged with defacing the serial number.
  3. Road rage incudent belmont ends in death

    Yeah, he's not nearly as dead as he would have been if he was shot
  4. Can a MA FFL RECIEVE A NON COMPLIANT GUN from Out of State

    3xdamages PLUS ATTORNEY FEES (which will dwarf the $900
  5. Facebook will ban advertisements for weapon accessories and protective equipment.

    But they still pushing ads for "fuel filters"
  6. We should be making plans

    Has anyone built an interface between a device with a keyboard and display (could be tablet, smartphone, raspberry pi) and a cheap Chinese QRP transceiver? It seems that could be used for long distance (greater than line of sight) with a tech license.
  7. Gun Buy Backs Illegal in Massachusetts?

    Someone could be a real dick, pose as a news reporter (or blogger), interview the people turning in the guns, then file an application for criminal complaint against them in the district court. Then file an application for criminal complaint against the police department for destruction of evidence.
  8. Leaving an empty chamber on older single action revolver

    First, this particular gun is ONLY ever loaded at the firing line. It's never carried, but I'm curious. I've attached pics of the hammer resting, quarter-cocked (cylinder will not rotate), half-cocked (cylinder will rotate) and fully cocked. Also, does the last pic show a transfer bar? I...
  9. Her name was Ashli Babbitt

    Tell that to the guards at the nearest military base.
  10. Leaving an empty chamber on older single action revolver

    I've got a frontier scout .22 single action revolver. Before "half-cocked" is a position that keeps the hammer from resting on the chamber. Is this an anomaly?
  11. Confirmed instances of .pdf/paper FA-10 form rejection by MA FRB

    MGL Ch. 140, §128A "Any sale or transfer conducted pursuant to this section shall comply with section 131E and shall, prior to or at the point of sale, be conducted over a real time web portal developed by the department of criminal justice information services."
  12. CA gun shop - disclaimer lolz

    Looks like the shutdown ended almost nine months ago. They should update their website.
  13. need some help here

    I suspect the police had a suspension letter and not a warrant. The police pretend they're the same thing. They're not.
  14. need some help here

    Lots of maybes. Both goal.org and Comm2A.org list firearms attorneys. Do not post any more info. Ask admin to delete this thread.
  15. Strange Incident at MA Gun Club on 1/2/2021

    I just like the smell of it
  16. Premiumgunshop.com

    They told me it was held up in customs but if I ordered a few cases of ammo, they could get it released. Counting out the Benjamins now.
  17. Ohio Gov. signs it into law

    NJ has the Jersey Shore, where a dozen rich fellas spend their summers.
  18. New to MA; LTC or FID?

    John Law will probably show up and demand the surrender. I'll refuse and point them to Chapter 140, Section 129D, starting with the word "if", at which point they'll break down my door, take my guns, shoot my dog, upper deck me, throw my keys on the roof, and cuff and stuff me. "Section 129D...
  19. What can I do in MA?

    Right Guard aerosol.
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