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  1. Man arrested after 1000 guns found in LA home

    Man arrested after 1,000 guns found at Los Angeles home is charged — NBC News Now that’s a collection!
  2. WTS WTS/WTT Ford Mustang 2005-2009 factory 10 spoke wheels with hubs

    Location : Billerica/Bedford MA Description : Complete set of Factory take off Ford Mustang 16" wheels with hubs. Taken off with less than 400 miles. No signs of damage, look like new, kept wrapped in boxes since taken off. Accessories : Includes hubs and 4 tire pressure monitors Selling...
  3. Ayer man pulls gun in Westford road rage incident

    Westford police arrest Ayer man on gun charge in road-rage incident Read more: http://www.lowellsun.com/breakingnews/ci_29822748/westford-police-arrest-ayer-man-gun-charge-road#ixzz477qL7d8d Another idiot making normal gun owners look bad. This guy worked for Patriot Lock. We see that van...
  4. 3 Hurt in Bedford MA home invasion

  5. Billerica teen dies after being shot with pellet gun

    "A Billerica teen died Saturday after being shot in his home last Friday. The 17-year-old, Nicholas Bomboy, of Billerica was home on Andover Road with his two brothers just before noon on June 26 when he was shot." http://www.myfoxboston.com/story/29475860/billerica-teen-dies-after-being-shot...
  6. Glock demands 4473s from gun shop for Blue Label Progam

    Got this in my email today. -1 for Glock, +1 for Trop Gun Shop.
  7. Shootings leave suspect and soldier dead as police sweep Ottawa – live updates

  8. Mythbusters Bullet vs Frying Pan Myth Unbusted or Shooting frying pans = DANGER!

    I have been shooting at junk like old cookware, old appliances, etc for years and it's usually great fun. I also see lots of videos and discussions about shooting frying pans and old cookware. Mythbusters even have a video where they "bust" the boomerang bullet myth shooting at a frying pan...
  9. Problem with "Bullseye Ammunition" remanufactured .357 magnum ammo

    I went to the range today with a box of .357 semi-wadcutter reloads from Bullseye Ammunition in Woonsocket, R.I.<br>The box contained some regular brass and some nickle brass cases. I loaded 3 of each into my Colt revolver.<br>The first three rounds were the nickle cased and fired and cycled...
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