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  1. 9/11/21 Alderbrook PRS Regional Match

    Home | PractiScore Precision Rifle Series - AlderBrook#3 PRS New England Regiona... Anyone going to this? I think I'll spectate, I've never been to a PRS match before and I currently don't have a rifle, etc. fit for the purpose.
  2. What is your mental picture of a "gun"?

    I think most people, regardless of whether they own guns or not, have a mental picture of what they think a gun should look like. Usually its something easily recognizable - ARs, AKs, handguns, shotguns, etc. I think this may also play into what people's first gun is - if someone sees and really...
  3. S&W M&P 12

    Do you live in Mass? Are you a collector of fine, used, and abused Shields and M&P 15s and M&P 15-22s? Do you lust for a gun that can accept twenty mini-shells but still is tube mag fed? Do you love bullpup pumps? THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!
  4. Mishaco "Reasonable Expectations for a Kalashnikov Rifle"

    I've noticed that a lot of new AK buyers have unrealistic/weird expectations for AKs, so I tend to agree with what Mishaco said here. Note that his black box videos are only audio.
  5. North Korean "Star" Type 58 AK Mags

    I bought a pair of North Korean Type 58 7.62x39 AK magazines and to my surprise, they're still in the cosmoline. Bought these as my first "collectible" AK mags because things that come from NK are not very common. I'm going to keep one in the vacuum sealed bag and clean up the other tonight...
  6. Under which regulation, etc., are Tula shotguns banned from import?

    27 CFR § 447.52 | eRegulations As far as I remember, the Kalashnikov Concern and MOLOT sanctions never banned imports via Tula, or did they? The Federal regulation I linked to above, which seem to codify the Clinton-Yeltsin trade agreement, just covers handguns and rifles, not shotguns.
  7. FB Radom Vis 100 M1

    FB Radom - VIS-100 M1 9mm Pistol - ETA Late 2021 FB Radom VIS-100 M1 Pistol For Sale - AtlanticFirearms.com Looks like Arms of America and Atlantic Firearms are going to be bringing in FB Radom Vis 100 M1 pistols this year or next year. The Vis 100 is FB's final version of the PR-15 Ragun...
  8. New Firearms Acquisitions June 2021

    Arex Defense Delta gen 2 L in grey. Going to do a longer write-up after I've had some time to see how I like it.
  9. Grifon Incorporated in Winchester, NH

    Firearms Just found their website while browsing. Seem to specialize in British milsurp guns, especially Webleys, and 1911s. Has two Webley-Fosberrys for $11,000 and 16,000, if anyone's interested.
  10. Ian McCollum's "Pistols of the Warlords"

    Ian McCollum has begun writing his second book, this one about Chinese handguns made during the "Warlord Period" before the CCP won the Chinese Civil War in 1947.
  11. Which optics brand do you own the most of?

    Which optics brand do you own the most of? Kahles here.
  12. .

  13. How many men own pink guns?

    Do you, as a man, own a pink gun?
  14. How many of you read NRA Publications media?

    Either online or dead-tree. American Rifleman, American Hunter, America's 1st Freedom, Shooting Illustrated, etc.
  15. Optic Type for 7.62x39 Mini-Mauser

    I'm debating on which type of scope to buy for a Zastava M85 Mini-Mauser in 7.62x39. Its a very light, handy gun. My number one concern is not ruining the handling and making the rifle too heavy. I want to keep the rifle as being something that could be carried all day no problem. LPVOs are...
  16. CR2354 batteries?

    I'm considering an optic that uses CR2354 batteries. How do these compare to CR2032s in terms of longevity and availability? Obviously, a slightly larger battery.
  17. ATF Playlist

    (Humorous thread) The big day has finally come. ATF's at your door and they're not selling Girl Scout cookies. What's the first song on your ATF playlist?
  18. Which cartridge do you own the most guns in currently?

    Out of all the guns you own currently, which cartridge are most of them chambered in? 7.62x39 here.
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