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  1. WTT Will trade .38 spl, .45, .22 for 9mm

    Looking to trade for 9mm. Have good personal defense all the way down to range crap for .38 spl, .45, and .22 I'm willing to separate with, might have some 7.62x39 and 7.62x54r as well. PM if interested. All laws followed.
  2. WTT Glock and Sig 229 .40 magazines

    Get em before they're banned bump
  3. WTT Glock and Sig 229 .40 magazines

    GET THEM BEFORE THEY'RE BANNED! 1 Glock magazine .40 cal 13 round and 1 Sig 229 magazine .40 12 round. Looking for .223/5.56 or 9mm ammo. All trades considered. All laws followed.
  4. How many genders are there?

    Exactly! There are ZERO cases where someone was born with both sets of gonadal tissue functioning. Two genders: male and female. Thanks for backing me up.
  5. WTS Weber 18" Charcoal Grill BBQ

    How much?
  6. Man fatally shot over football bet

    The fight is never over until it's over! *plays Rocky theme song*
  7. How many genders are there?

    True, but there has never been a confirmed case where both types of gonadal tissue have functioned on the same person, which can hint that there is a dominant trait in the person. Intersex is found in approximately 0.018% of the population, although it largely misconstrued to include more...
  8. How many genders are there?

    Please, I beg of you, don't go on a political tirade and hijack this thread to turn it into something else completely. I've seen this tactic used by the hardcore left time and time again when they have no valid argument and still wish to impose their way upon the rest of us. If you wish to...
  9. How many genders are there?

    That's the whole basis of Crowder's point of view. An abnormality is not the standard.
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