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  1. Need a refresher on my C&R

    Amusing myself browsing Gunbroker for C&R guns and my memory's rusty. IIRC if I buy from either a C&R holder I'd be required to provide a copy of my C&R by mail. I asked my wife to make me some copies - in black & white and she went and made me 20 copies in full color "Because they look nicer"...
  2. SOLD off market

  3. Not quite identical triplets

    Aren’t they cute ? A .22 magnum, a sidewinder also .22 magnum and their ‘lil brother .22lr all in a family picture. I loves me them ‘lil gunz ! 😍
  4. Re up'ed again

    My check as they say, is in the mail. [wave]
  5. WTS Barrel heater in nh

    Offered is my barrel heater, has new unfired wick. Runs on kerosene. I was using this to heat my porch where I smoke my cigars but it gets it too hot. I’ve switched to a propane buddy heater and no longer need this. Edit to add: I tried the shut off on this (without lighting it) and the wick...
  6. ...

  7. WTS Poof !

    self destructed ten minutes ago
  8. I found a happy surprise

    So I was stumbling around trying to find my cane today and stubbed my toe on a heavy box and found this. Lucky me! a box with 1,000 rounds of 9mm ! Guess I’ll have the wife buy some lottery tickets on her way home. Who knows, maybe lighting will strike twice !
  9. Keep me green !

    The check is in the mail. :cool: I'm not using paypal :mad: PayPal sucks.
  10. Range report: Tsias hi power clone

    getting some trigger time difficult to say the least. I finally got to the range today and hoo-boy am I pleased ! IIRC it was back in March I bought myself a Tisas Hi Power cline. I finally got to shoot it today. I’d had some concerns about reliability and wanted to put a couple hundred rounds...
  11. Four dead in Ohio

    ...and not a peep from NES 'cause ridiculing common sense is more funz. Remember your history and what your gubbermint is capable of.
  12. SOLD Sold

  13. Who’s canning ?

    We just pulled 2 small loads out of the pressure cooker (Don’t need expensive pressure canner - yes, there’s a difference. There’s 9 pints of pork loin and 3 pints of lamb roasts. We usually stick to pork and poultry so the lamb was a trial run. Lamb meat can have a fair amount of connective...
  14. Happy (early) birfday to me !

    It ain't really till April and I was hopping to find a Browning hi power but there getting hard to find and somewhat unrealistic in cost, so I got myself this. I found a Tisas/Regent Hi Power clone. I'll most likely spend the same amount getting this to where I want it but that's life. Finding...
  15. Stepping up my preps.

    The one thing I have difficulty processing is ground beef. So I'm starting to buy Keystone canned ground beef. We tried one small can (14.5oz) last week to be sure it's something we'd both eat. It's bland but not bad, it'll go into something seasoned so that's OK. It's on Amazon for 4.99 / can...
  16. Question: Repacking long term preps.

    Long story made short; I'm repacking a few buckets of rice. When I opened them the contents were still good. I see no reason to discard several hundred lbs of rice. The buckets got stepped on by a tradsman, lids were cracked, inner Mylar bags held their seal. The dessicant packs haven't changed...
  17. Scenes in the porch

    Got bored just enjoying my morning cigar.
  18. Wheelchair carry

    I've been getting out a bit more in the past couple of months and being in a wheelchair makes me feel like a target. When I carry in my usual holsters, OWB or my shoulder rig don't work well for me. The OWB pins my carry piece against the side of my chair and clearing the arm rest isn't easy...
  19. A few more.

    Here's a Damascus dagger I picked up at last years Highland Games. Funny how things follow you home. Tends to get folks attention.[devil]
  20. Decisions, decisions

    I'm already thinking about the next Henry group buy (if it doesn't happen I'll get one anyway) I'll be getting a Big Boy, color case hardened in .44 magnum or .45lc; I want a revolver as a companion piece, the question is which one? I'd like to pick the hive mind of NES on this. I'm thinking a...
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