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  1. Basement window leak

    This wins the internet for the day
  2. AC Broken and the house is hotter than Biscuits on Sunday Morning!

    Is it your run capacitor? If so easy to fix and get back in service
  3. Help- directions on how to post a new listing in the classifieds

    You need to join as a paid member in order to post in the classifieds
  4. What is Your Favorite ACOG

    Carbine or rifle?
  5. Questions on the SBR process

  6. New member

    2 questions: 1. Are you from Maine? 2. Do you think the forum is beautiful? 😉 in all seriousness welcome Edit: kudos to one eyed Jack. Beat by a nanosecond!
  7. OK you all have talked about it so much, even I want to see yours !

    I can’t be the only one who seriously thought this thread might be about penises can I? 😉
  8. KARMA 1 year membership winner chosen!

    Nice karma 👍 not in myself (already green) but responding for the bump
  9. 9mm ...115 or 124?

    Thx. I’m in the process of migrating into the world of 9mm carbine/sbr for the first time so the hamster in my brain started to turn the old thought wheel. Without knowing powder charges I was thinking the longer barrel might allow a more efficient powder burn depending on the loads for...
  10. 9mm ...115 or 124?

    Serious question: Would any particular bullet weight be preferred depending on platform (pistol vs sbr or carbine)?
  11. Credits to post in classifieds

    You need to become a paying member to post your own listings in the classifieds if replying to someone else’s ad, just send a private message. There is no way to reply to the thread
  12. Bugging in

    .25 acres in Framingham—best guess puts you either on the south side or center of town but almost certainly south of rt 9 (I grew up in Nobscot). Respectfully, based on the cost of the list of items to purchase you noted, perhaps deploying that capital towards of move to a new location with...
  13. Shooting on your own land In Massachusetts

    I had some similar questions recently and missed this thread when I created the other: https://www.northeastshooters.com/xen/threads/shooting-on-private-property-in-ma.399458/
  14. I am a Second Amendment Absolutist

    Haha. Sadly no, not “THE” Jack Bauer. Just an average guy with an above average understanding of freedom who plays hockey and happened to be looking at a box for a new pair of hockey skates when he created his username 😬
  15. I am a Second Amendment Absolutist

    Not at all and thanks for asking. You’re welcome to use it if helpful 👍
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