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  1. Ensuring absolute concentricity of muzzle devices

    If the bullet is way ahead of the gasses, what is pushing the bullet down the barrel? And once the bullet leaves the barrel and begins to slow, what happens to the still expanding gas behind it? The OP may be overestimating the magnitude of the effects, but his grasp of the physics of gas...
  2. Annodizing

    T&T Anodizing in Lowell, according to this old thread https://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/threads/1983-S-amp-W-6904 http://www.ttanodizing.com/index.html I remember the thread because what has been seen cannot be unseen. You have been warned.
  3. Ayn Rand Interview - Author of Atlas Shrugged - She was amazing, worth a listen

    It is also possible to be charitable to others, and still act in your own self-interest. We do such things voluntarily because it is consistent with our internal moral compass, because we believe it to be the "right thing". I am a better person because I am kind to others of my own volition...
  4. Ruger Precision Rifle Muzzle Brake

    The Tubb's brake in the video mac1991 posted above installs & adjusts the same as the Ruger. Pictures of the jam nut both separated from and screwed tight to the Ruger brake are in the Real Guns article I linked. "Back off the jam nut" = move it away from the muzzle "Align the brake" =...
  5. Ruger Precision Rifle Muzzle Brake

    I believe the Ruger PR brake uses a jam nut and not a crush washer. Back off the jam nut, align the brake, re-tighten the jam nut. "The jam nut is screwed onto the barrel, the brake follows, a 7/8" wrench is used to run the jam nut up against the brake to lock it into the desired...
  6. What are the most fun 22lr rifles

    Ithaca Model 72 Saddlegun, made in W. Germany by Erma Werke. Better handling and smoother action than the Winchester 9422 or the Browning BL-22. A joy to shoot.
  7. T Shirt Fundraiser - CLOSED

    Order & donated. Campaign at 594 shirts & $6k for GOAL
  8. NH Shooting Clubs/Locations

    Updated link to the NH Fish & Game page http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/hunting/clubs-ranges.html
  9. Mounting a Rifle Scope (or any other optic)

    This makes much more sense. In my head, "Bottom of the scope" was the bottom of one of the bells, and "feeler gauge" was one feeler, not a stack, and I just couldn't make it go. Thanks.
  10. Mounting a Rifle Scope (or any other optic)

    Can you explain this in more detail? It's not making any sense to me.
  11. 44 for Boar.

    I took a ~150 lb boar in TX last spring with a Marlin 1894 in .44 Magnum, one shot through the shoulder with a 280 gr Swift A-Frame at about 75 yards. I had a long discussion with owner of the ranch and one of my hunting buddies about shot selection. The consensus was that a head / ear hole...
  12. Perspectives on Manliness from an Egyptian Revolutionary

    I took him to mean "A man isn't so afraid of these things that he refuses to do them", rather than "A man has no fear of these things".
  13. 2.8grn of Bullseye

    When I load on the single stage I always use home-made loading blocks, but my "50 round" blocks are drilled to 55 holes (11x5). I load by column, and use the extra holes to "index" the cases by one column as they complete the current operation. This lets you use a single loading block as both...

    You mean like an NES shoot? [smile]
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