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  1. New Acquisitions January 2018

    Family got a little bigger this month, top two are the new ones..M&P shield 9 2.0 and M&P Compact 9 2.0. Bottom 2 are my full size 2.0’s in 9 and 45
  2. New Aquisitions February 2017

    I'm on the don't tell my girlfriend I buy a new gun every week program
  3. New Aquisitions February 2017

    Didn't make a post for January so I'm throwing up everything I picked up from last month and this month :) Ruger SR-22 Sig P938 FNX9 FNX45 M&P9 2.0 CZ P-07
  4. New Acquisitions for May 2016

    Just got this off another member yesterday
  5. New Acquisitions - March 2016

    I did a hunter x22 build as well, love that stock..used the Ruger BX trigger and Kidd upper and Bolt with a Tac solutions barrel
  6. New Acquisitions for JUNE 2012

    Remington 870 with mesa urbino stock, can't wait to go shot it.
  7. New Acquisitions for JUNE 2012

    I've been looking for something nice like that. Where did you find it? That AK is amazing
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