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  1. Two more former criminals with guns

    I had two clients today for motions to vacate. One walked into court in 1995 and pleaded guilty to OUI at arraignment with no lawyer. The other pleaded guilty in 1987 to receiving stolen property. OUI guy went first. I argued to the judge that when he waived counsel that his waiver was not...
  2. I thought red flag laws would prevent things like this

    Man with gun barricaded inside Worcester Home Depot bathroom https://www.wcvb.com/article/man-with-gun-barricaded-inside-home-depot-bathroom/32910026
  3. PETA has convinced me to go coyote hunting

    PETA sent a public letter to Tom Brady asking him to stop promoting Canada Goose jackets because "The fur that lines Canada Goose jackets comes from wild coyotes..." I didn't know that fur from coyotes was this useful. Guess I'll have to go get some...
  4. Question for anyone who ever entered a "Coyote Contest"

    Is/was it required to bring the carcass to the outfitter to enter the contest? The new proposed Mass regulations claim they are needed because the contests promote waste. The next page defines waste as leaving the carcass in the woods. It seems to me that if it's required to bring the carcass...
  5. First they came (Version 2A)

    First they came for the machine guns And I did not speak out Because I didn't own a maching gun Then they came for the Short Barrel Rifles And I did not speak out Because I didn't own a Short Barrel Rifle Then they came after the felons And I did not speak out Because I was not a felon Then...
  6. Mass Superior Court judge arrested on domestic charges - LTC suspended

    See Mass. Judge Shannon Frison placed on paid leave after domestic assault arrest Court docs show she puller her wife’s hair. Police later returned and her wife gave them two Ruger handguns. Interested to see how this one plays out
  7. Don't let anyone know you have a gun unless you're shooting at them with it

    Guy driving down the road when some crazy woman pulls a u-turn in front of him. Guy slams on brakes, leans on horn. She flipped him off. She followed him into a parking lot and they started arguing. He was walking through the parking lot and she drove right at him. More yelling while he's in the...
  8. Another reason why I hate microsoft

    I decided I wanted a way to choose a printer that would send the output to a pdf without having to specify a filename. In a former job, I set up netcat (nc) to monitor a port, set that port up as a TCP/IP printer, and do whatever I wanted with the output. So I wrote a simple script: :loop ncat...
  9. WTB 4 Cylinder Manual Transmission car for $3,000 (or less)

    My nephew is looking for a first car. He's 17 years old and has $3000 available to buy something. Anyone got something they're looking to unload? Looking in Central Mass
  10. I broke Dad's gun

    One of the guns dad left was an Erma EP-22, Luger clone. It had been in storage for 25+ years before I took possession of it. I tried firing it, but it would just go click. I finally got it apart. It had some corrosion along the frame where the barrel was supposed to slide on. I cleaned that up...
  11. Applied for my FID yesterday

    So I had my "interview" for my FID card yesterday. He asked why I wanted an FID when I already have an LTC. I explained that with an FID card, they cannot suspend/revoke my license and take my guns for suitability without going to court first. He said "Are you sure, let me check". He pulled out...
  12. Doc tells police "I don't need no stinking license to carry"

    A New Hampshire doctor was arrested yesterday in Auburn and charged with carrying a large capacity firearm without a LTC, possession of a large capacity magazine, possession of ammunition without an FID, and sex for a fee. (The court docs show the second charge is carrying a firearm w/o LTC -...
  13. Video on disassembling and reassembling a Ruger Mark I

    Here's a quickie on disassembling and reassembling a MKI. I know it sucks. Feel free to tell me how to make it better. I recorded this while looking through the viewfinder of the camera, not looking at the gun. Helps keep fingers out of the way.
  14. I support gun control

    But.... The antis start their diatribe with "I support the Second Amendment, but..." and go on to say how common sense laws should be put in place. OK, Here's my counter. I support gun control, but that must not infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens. I will support legislation that...
  15. Good guy with a gun in Worcester loses LTC

    This is what happens in Mass to the good guys http://www.worcesterma.gov/police/press-releases/armed-robbery-suspect-shot-by-clerk-after-placing-knife-up-to-customer
  16. Am I a skin-flint

    So I'm looking at a gun. MSRP is $315, my local gun shop shows one for sale at $335, my preferred gun shop shows it for sale for $379, or I can drive an hour and buy it for $259. The thing is I don't enjoy negotiating. My wife gets off on it. I do not. I see a price and either buy it or not...
  17. Be careful who you hang out with

    Guy is walking down the street, minding his own business. There's a warrant out for the guy he's with. I guess proximity to someone with a warrant is enough to justify a search. https://www.mass.gov/files/documents/2018/02/09/16P1580.pdf
  18. Best typo I've read in a long time

    I was reading an appeal from some poor SOB who was caught up in the Mass laws and is still in jail. This line in the appeal made me laugh: I need a Massachusetts "Fun" license.
  19. Fake News: Man Denied Gun License Fatally Shoots 6-Year-Old Son, Himself in Foxboroug

    They're saying he was denied a license, but shot his son and himself anyway. Unpossible. Everyone knows denying gun licenses prevents crime. http://www.necn.com/news/new-england/Police-Investigating-Scene-in-Foxboro-446735403.html
  20. Robocall Rant

    My brother listed me as an emergency contact for his kids, cuz they go to a voke school near my house. Someone decided that I now get to receive robocalls from them regarding sporting events, and other important messages. I can't wait for the phone to ring at 5am to tell me that school has...
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