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  1. What to name my snake?

  2. Sheldon Royal owner of Hunter's Rendezvous has passed away.

    Only went there once, a bit out of the way for me, but absolutely loved it . He was very helpful to me as a new black powder guy, took lots of time to clue me in. Took the time to give me a tour of his whole operation, what a candy store! I sure wish that I'd gone back a few more times. RIP
  3. What are you buying for hunting gear this year?

    A new license. I have everything else that I need.
  4. Red Ryder BB gun

    I've got one out in the garage that my sister sent me as a joke. After reading this, now I want to dig it out and have some fun with it!
  5. CMP 1911s not selling to MA in 2021

    Looks just like the one I used to shoot!
  6. Green member STOLE MY MONEY! Beware of 4406packman!

    So...wax on, whacks off?
  7. Issue with Dillon550b

    Same for mine. I actually leave them a tiny bit loose.
  8. Issue with Dillon550b

    Every time I've had an issue with my 550 I contacted Dillon, and they stepped right up and helped me out. Very good outfit.
  9. .30 Luger Colt Commander

  10. Is two story shed possible?

    That is what I did, moved my shed to the other end of my yard, put up a two car garage with a nice upstairs. Heat, A/C, big screen, home gym, reloading station, beer fridge, recliner. Man-Cave!
  11. Is two story shed possible?

    Dig out underneath...office bunker.
  12. First trip to a gunsmith for a re assembly..... update......i had to fix it myself.

    Years ago I was in a gunshop poking around, and a guy came in with a Ruger Mk II in a box. Guy behind the counter fiddles with it, can't get it together, says "Well let's take apart this new gun and see how it comes apart." When they had three guns apart, I decided it was time to leave. (Note...
  13. What have you seen lately?

    Saw a very healthy Fox while walking the dogs this morning, and two deer climbing the wooded ledge in my back yard a few minutes ago.
  14. MA law and shooting gray squirrels with pellet gun

    I had a buddy (RIP) who chased tuna with a harpoon. He would practice in his yard on squirrels.
  15. Springfield Armory Range Office jamming

    When I started shooting .45 bullseye matches, my mentor (a national record holder) told me that by the end of the match I should have oil dripping from my elbow. He may have been embellishing, but I got his point.
  16. Making to the Top Shelf pics!

  17. Talk me out of a Desert Eagle 44 magnum....

    Saw the picture of the Dremeled red dot first, without reading anything, and immediately thought "NOW what has he broken". Relieved to find out everything's ok. Enjoy!
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