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  1. Krav Maga instructors in worcester county ???

    I can vouch for these guys Krav Maga Self Defense Systems Andover, MA Great instructors which mixed backgrounds so you get a solid hour of training.
  2. AR pistol @ night (MA)?

    this is intriguing
  3. "meat eater" on Netflix!

    His podcast is pretty legit as well. All his crew guys help him pack out so they got 4-5 guys hauling.
  4. Radio interest FTM400

    Looking to sell one of my FTM400DR's. Comes with Lido remote head mount and mic extension cable. Prefer not to ship, $430.
  5. AR lowers

    Has anyone explored adding a fixed mag mod to a lower? Super gay but it's at least something. About CompMag
  6. Buy a FT2DR now or wait for newer model?

    good idea
  7. Buy a FT2DR now or wait for newer model?

    Its a nice radio with digital features but it's just a handheld. The firmware to run them is much easier to use regardless of the touch screen. I have the FT1D and had the VX-7 and the FT1d is a lot easier to use.
  8. Striper fishing 2016

    Hit the merrimack river friday afternoon for shad and landed 12 micro schoolies. Went out in the yak this morning and landed two small schoolies, 4 in the 22-25 range and a 27.5
  9. RS-MS1A - Remote Control Android App

    i whipped up a DVAP to link to the D-star reflectors
  10. RS-MS1A - Remote Control Android App

    i just got a dstar radio, id-51a, and plan to hook up a tablet to it.
  11. Any hams using D-Star?

    I'm heavily into System Fusion now which is a great technology. I run a node at my house and a repeater in Methuen
  12. long distance hand held comunications

    Ed, You should have some cool opportunities to work the cubesats from the ship. If the boat has wifi there is a cool sat app that uses gps and wifi to assist with tracking. Also, This: http://www.diamondantenna.net/srh940.html With a pigtail will work an all bands. You could use a powerpole...
  13. Shootout and explosions in Paris...

    their pretty terrible.
  14. Tactical Comms Gear - Lets see what you're using

    using a radio in 5 watts that is only good for 2-3 miles isn't going to put you on the Fcc's radar.
  15. Tactical Comms Gear - Lets see what you're using

    but they are not as rugged and don't have SSB receive. with ham radios you get the regional comms and so much more not not that much money. I think it's important for people to realize that these radios are severely limited and only have one purpose. IMHO I wouldn't waste money on a single...
  16. Tactical Comms Gear - Lets see what you're using

    yes, but these can be moded to work on frs/gmrs don't need a license to buy or listen.
  17. Tactical Comms Gear - Lets see what you're using

    just saw this thread. why not buy a multi functional HT ham radio? this radio transmit on 3 bands and receives everything. it's pretty bomb proof too http://www.hamradio.com/detail.cfm?pid=11-000030
  18. any kayak fisherman on here

    Wend out the last 2 sundays in the wind for some freshwater fishing. One sunday was brutal cause i was getting blown all over the place. The next Sunday was fantastic after i installed an anchor trolley and an anchor. Not sure how i fished the last few years without this...
  19. any kayak fisherman on here

    One of the pro's over on NEKF.com caught a 50in in his kayak. I'm heading out tonight and tomorrow night and will be happy with no skunk.
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