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  1. Need a refresher on my C&R

    Thanks guys !
  2. Need a refresher on my C&R

    Amusing myself browsing Gunbroker for C&R guns and my memory's rusty. IIRC if I buy from either a C&R holder I'd be required to provide a copy of my C&R by mail. I asked my wife to make me some copies - in black & white and she went and made me 20 copies in full color "Because they look nicer"...
  3. Club Fundraising Ideas

    Hold a car shoot, it's been awhile since we had one. [devil] [pot]
  4. SOLD off market

  5. A somber and retrospective 9/11 to those who witnessed it.

    Never forget, never forgive. I just cannot watch any of these memorial shows without feeling a blind rage against these savages. My sister was working mid-town that day. Took me most of the day to make contact with her and learn that she was ok and on her way home.
  6. Bugging in

    Wouldn't the EMP knock out the cell towers ?
  7. Who’s canning ?

    A case of quart jars would hold enough dried beans to feed me & the wife for the better part of a year. Besides, if I started buying 50 lb bags of beans I'd have no place to put them. At this point I'd be hard pressed to find room for a 50 round box of .22's. For every year my son was in...
  8. Facebook taking action on “extremist preppers.”

    Good idea ! Having a muzzle cover keeps the barrel of your rifle clear and prevents corrosion !
  9. 20 Years in Reflection: Where were you on September 11th 2001

    I was in car sales at the time. I was walking the lot checking to see what came off the truck when I heard about a plane hitting one of the towers. I thought it odd as it was one of those crystal clear days which makes New England so beautiful. I went over to the customer lounge which had a TV...
  10. Who’s canning ?

    The jars Amazon has advertised as "Ball mason jars" are not always as described. Ball mason jars are squared off and have "Ball" or Ball mason" embossed on the sides. The jars I received last time I ordered them were round and smooth. they worked out just fine though. After we move and have...
  11. Who’s canning ?

    Strained it through a wire mesh sieve to get some of the bigger pieces from the bones out and ladled it into quart mason jars. Processed them for 45 minutes in the pressure cooker. I love hearing that "tink" sound as they cool when taken out. Stock can be stored almost forever. We had to...
  12. Who’s canning ?

    I've been busy canning the last couple days 9 pints chicken thighs, 9 pints turkey thighs and 9 pints lamb. It was a giant PIA deboning the chicken and turkey and the bones & gristle all went into the stockpot for soup base. I let them simmer all day and got 7 quarts of rich, flavorful stock...
  13. Police Interaction Positive but he asked if I was on Parole

    So, what's the color for double secret probation ?
  14. How to defend against a CCW when unarmed

    Whoop, there it is.
  15. 29 years ago a 14yo boy was shot in the back and his mother in the head while holding her baby - Ruby Ridge

    i haven't trusted the gubbermint since the Kent State incident.
  16. Biden bans Russian Arms and Ammo

    First, nobody's "forcing" me to do anything. I'd rather pay more for American made goods. Secondly, Russian ammo sucks. I don't shoot it because its crap. Yeah I got a couple cans full but that's last ditch ammo, and there's a couple thousand rounds of good stuff sitting on top. I learned my...
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