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  1. Help on Holsters for P320 compact with 420 Crimson Trace

    Check. Met these guys at Sig, they have shop in Manchester, NH. I ordered one for my X5 Legion with Romeo and it came in a couple of weeks and I am very satisfied.
  2. What’s with the NRA?

  3. NES Exclusives: Per Derek!

    Thats very nice! Thank you
  4. Need help. Reloaders please read

    700X, Clays or Clay Dot for powder Nobel Primers for 12 ga. Reasonable priced lead shot, 8's & 7.5
  5. Drive Rt 95 in NH? Aircraft Speed traps

    As said above, lots of states do this, but NH does put bright yellow signs out advertising "Aircraft in use" Thanks for the link!
  6. 50% - 50% Notre Dame may not be saved.

    Not that I donated, but the millions donated from around the world, what happens to that money???
  7. Merry Christmas 2019

    Merry Christmas and thanks for all you guys do.
  8. AAR: MODERN SAMURAI: Red Dot Fundamentals & Performance, SIG Academy 12-2019

    I appreciate your critique of the class. I am fortunate to live close to the Academy and have taken several classes, its addictive! I signed up for the 1 day Red Dot sight course in April and am looking forward to it.
  9. CMP Club Membership

    If you want to buy a rifle from CMP, you have to belong to a affiliated club. There are other ways, just check on CMP website if you want to purchase something.
  10. Shooters - Amherst

    Good luck Jim
  11. Oil question for new engine

    When I used to drive a lot, I fitted my truck with Amzoil by pass filter and used the Amzoil. Yes it was a bit more expensive, but I changed oil once a year and with oil analysis found it to be just fine and probably could have gone longer. Now in retirement, I don't drive much especially in...
  12. Anyone know of a good eye doctor near Northboro, MA?

    +1 on @Idoktr Stuart Ginsburg, I use his Burlington office and have been going to him for several years now and he is a shooter and knows how to prescribe lens.
  13. Newb Trap Shooter Question

    Big box stores like the others said. They will start to go on sale in the spring when the trap season starts to gear up here. There are winter leagues to shoot and just fun shooting available. You should check out local gun stores in southern NH so you don't have sales tax. When the shoots...
  14. What’s that smell?

    XJMA99 is correct. Occasionally some anti freeze does get in the tank with the oil. The companies that buy the waste oil watch as they are sucking the container out and can see the antifreeze and if its not much, they adjust the receipt and shop does not get paid for that.
  15. Renewing expired FID

    Talk to your towns police chief or firearms officer, they are the ones you will have to deal with.
  16. Real ID

    My stepmom is 88 and went for her "real ID" and after having a birth certificate with a different first name, they would not issue her a real id. I guess the govt wants to make sure you are a citizen. I think its 2020 or 2021 that if you want to fly or enter a federal building, you need...
  17. USPS envelope went to Hawaii instead of Missouri?

    I mailed my favorite ex a check to Oklahoma and after a couple of weeks didn't hear and she usually texts me to thank me so I called and she did not get it. I mailed another and she got it in about 4 days. a few weeks later she sends me a picture of the mangled envelope with check still in...
  18. RMR service in Ma. for Sig P320

    Check with Business End Customs in Peabody, I know Lou does Glocks but do not know about Sig. Excellent work.
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