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  1. Oscillating Tool Recommendation

    Unless you are a carpenter, etc. it is not a tool that you will use every day.....but it IS one of those that when you need it, nothing else will do. Kind of like a hammer drill. Ive been using a Rigid for maybe ten years, couple or three times a month, and it is just fine. It if you’re in...
  2. Log splitter time

    Finally gave up splitting with mail and wedge two years back (age 70, heat totally with wood) And bought a county line 30 ton with Koehler engine from tractor supply. Sits either horizontal just below waist height for manageable stuff and vertical for stuff like I’m currently working on, 34”...
  3. LTC Renewal Fingerprinting?

    Mine just said your fingerprints are already on file, no worries
  4. Anyone build a home on a high water table in NE? Calling all Civil /Environmental Engineers...

    Oddly enough in my town developers have been allowed to “relocate” wetlands in order to blow a road or driveway through to a dry area!
  5. melamine vs plywood

    I use the melamine stuff all of the time. Nice finish, easy to cut, does t warp up in an instant like plywood, no voids. Want to use plywood instead? Go to a plywood move. Web site and read about using safety goggles and a respirator. I’d just do the job and not worry about it, maybe a plain...
  6. looking for quality kitchen knive sets

    There is a dexter russell factory outlet in southborough open a couple of days a week. Great deals on the knives you see in restaurant kitchens around the country.
  7. Oysters

    Having no idea where you live (having not read the thread), American mussel harvesters at Quonset point has oysters from a dozen states on site, multle from each site, retail and wholesale. Ron
  8. New Tool Purchase help needed...

    All depends on how much you are going to use them. I run Mikita 18volt system, circular saw, drill, driver, planer , recip saw, angle grinder, light, and oscillating saw have had most of it for over five years, not a single dead battery, tha yuo can buy the batteries for a hundred bucks...
  9. What's the quickest, most efficient way for a homeowner to kill a maple tree?

    Just keep cutting whatever grows out of it. Simple and easy Nd safe. As an aside, 30 years ago I planted a row of “hybrid poplar” trees guaranteed to grow like 4’ a year. Around 15 years later I cut down a row of 60’ poplars flush to the ground.....but was too lazy to keep at them. Fast...
  10. BRFSS survey from Commywealth

    Behavioral risk factor surveillance system. Totally legit national program. Results used for identifying developing health problems and creating policy and programs dealing with areas such as drug and alcohol use, suicidal ideation, chronic diseases, etc. etc. Feds provide a core set of...
  11. Negotiate price on Toyota certified” used cars?

    Problem is they’re not new cars. All the dealers have different units, different mileages, etc. makes it hard.
  12. Negotiate price on Toyota certified” used cars?

    so my daughter managed to put my car into a light post (no injuries) Sunday night and I need a new vehicle pronto. So I’m looking at Toyota certified rav 4s and find leg model 2016, 18,999, 18k miles. So I contact them and get flat out “our price is our price. We don’t negotiate on certified...
  13. Which refrigerator/where to buy

    Lowe’s or Costco or Home Depot or local place, hichever is cheapest, delivers, and takes your old one. “Service” should not be an issue with a new appliance....but if it is, and your “local store” doesn’t want to service it cuz it was from HD, there are many independent repair guys that make...
  14. Deals and steals

    Job lot this weekend, pelican-Harding tactical storage case, 25*24*18”; defense contractor surplus. Buy one $200 and get the $200 crazy deal gift card with, free.
  15. Parents helping me with the downpayment on a house, need to pay taxes on that money?

    Didn’t read all....but the story is that you have an annual lifetime gift exemption of eleven million bucks. If you give more than 15k to one person in a year, that counts against the eleven million buck exemption. Not something that I would ever have to worry about. Ron
  16. Weed Wacker

    I just grabbed the ego 56 vol hedge trimmer that I’m using to clear junk on the paths through the woods eats a one inch branch like nothing, runs an hour and a half on a charge. TOTALLY unlike any other battery powered tool I’ve ever had. Powerful as corded....but no cord!
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