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  1. Johns Hopkins Study: Licensing, mag bans mean fewer mass shooting fatalities

    How can this have a different conclusions?
  2. Quality or Quantity?

    I spent way to much time and money on cheap scopes in my youth
  3. Storing water

    Water BOB - an emergency bladder that stores water in a bathtub, for hurricanes and other sudden events View...
  4. Bloomturd a Eagle Scout??????!!!!!!!!!!!

    Darth Vader was a nice guy at 18 as well....
  5. ThiccBoogLine says FU attorney generals....

    No she is salivating for the opportunity to subpoena their records. If you are in a restrictive state and don't care about laws, don't leave a paper trail.....
  6. Bernie Sanders says he was “nauseated” by JFK

    I'm sure the Trump committee has that one on file for the Fall campaign.
  7. Mayflower sailing to Boston in May

    Thank you Sir, I just scored a pair of free tix for a fun day in May
  8. Reading Selectman Intimidated By "Cops Driving Around Town With Guns"

    Don’t worry Sir we will make sure the police will never come to your house, even if you call
  9. Deval Patrick comes up short, calls it quits!

    Doesn’t he have baggage with a crazy wife and a violent bro in law that he pardoned? On the positive side hw has a gay kid, so he will fit right in
  10. Deval Patrick comes up short, calls it quits!

    He's running for VP, mission accomplished
  11. Buying a gun from an old relative who's license wasn't renewed

    why not use an FFL? Pay the person for their service and things are done.
  12. Remington killing Bushmaster, DPMS, Tapco, and StormLake Barrels

    Oh, now my bushmaster is a rare collectible, look for it in the classifieds for $5k. 20 years ago this might have been a big deal but with so many producers, who cares? The Wall Street suits a Ceribus probably ran some numbers showing a positive NPV from shutting the brand. Party time at the...
  13. Protesters on Boston Common

    I miss the Tactical Police Force (TPF)
  14. Romney to vote for Impeachment

    Which dem will balance him out?
  15. Injecting meat with fluids in china

    Sous Vide your meat and you will never look back. We should have a Sous Vide thread Doesn't everyone brine their Turkey's or Chickens before roasting? The easiest damn thing you can do
  16. Shooting with progressive glasses

    I can't do it with my progressives. I have dedicated shooting glasses that I can't read crap. I bought extended shotgun chokes because they have big letters to identify them. I can't see the choke notches for crap.
  17. Millions to be triggered at South Station

    and must be a one pound draw given the hold
  18. Iowa Caucus Predictions

    Tell the Bernie people they are getting screwed by the Biden people. Let the fighting begin. Can we hope for riots at the convention? Come on Bernie Bro's channel you 1968 Chicago convention rage...... For those born after 1975 here is a history lesson...
  19. Antifa plans massive anti-cop action in NY subways

    The cops won't do a damn thing...
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