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  1. Quality or Quantity?

    When I first started shooting I balked at the exorbitant prices of some handguns and rifles. “Who in their right mind could justify spending that much on a gun?!,” I thought. Well, apparently this guy about 12 years later. I have watched my collection slowly transform from inexpensive...
  2. .45 Shield

    Do you only shoot factory ammo? If so, I am sure S&W will take care of it though. If you reload they may give you a hard time.
  3. WTS 45 ACP Ammo - 1k rounds - Federal + Winchester

    1000 rounds of .45 ACP - $240 550 rounds of Winchester White Box brass cased + 450 rounds of Federal aluminum cased FTF in Shrewsbury Cash only, must have LTC All laws followed Contact via PM Pic:
  4. ForeFrips for MP 15/22

  5. Wouldn't wish that on anyone?

    Since you went there... Are you condemning these people to hell? If you think you, or any of us are better than they, you need to keep reading your Bible. ALL have sinned and need forgiveness. They need prayer, not condemnation. Read Matt 5
  6. Box of 45-70

    Looks like lipstick! Lipstick that can take down a buffalo..

  8. Adams man killed with crossbow

  9. SOLD sold

  10. Preban AR 15 Magazines - 30 round

    Preban 30 round AR 15 magazines. Some may have finish wear / storage marks Made by Parsons, Sanchez and Adventure Line - $30 ea. About 40 23 left. All laws followed. Contact via PM. Located in Shrewsbury. Can also ship.
  11. Iowa Caucus Predictions

    The “inconsistency” was that Biden lost.
  12. 238 or 911? ...Or G42?

    I disagree. Target gun? No. But plenty shootable for practicing at the range.
  13. 238 or 911? ...Or G42?

    LCP2 is king of the pocket guns IMO. And I have cycled through quite a few.
  14. Black Bear Hunting Gun?

    I think 10mm and 44 mag are common defensive ‘bear gun’ options. However, if you are on the hunt that may change the equation. I have no idea. I have been looking for an excuse to buy a DW Bruin for a long time, maybe I should get into hunting!
  15. Thank you clients and friends.

    Well done Sir!
  16. Bill of sale of lowers

    Gestapo is running about a week behind right now. They should be there soon :)
  17. Benelli M1 Tactical vs M4?

    Now eyeing the ‘3 gun’ Benelli M2’s, even though I don’t even shoot 3 gun. Thoughts on a 21” barrel for a 12 ga? I know it is not ideal for shooting flying things, but I am thinking it would be OK. The newer 24” models are a bit more $.
  18. Benelli M1 Tactical vs M4?

    Can you explain? What was the issue with the Mossbergs?
  19. Benelli M1 Tactical vs M4?

    Are you just referring to the 18.5” barrels? My 26” M1 field barrel had chokes.
  20. Benelli M1 Tactical vs M4?

    Now you guys really got me rethinking the pistol grip, even though it does look cool. I don’t plan on breaching doors any time soon or shooting one handed. Will probably stick with the traditional stock
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