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  1. MA: SEVEN ROUND MAG BAN! This is not a joke.

    its true, i found the proposal. i tell you what, they're in for one hell of a fight if they think they can pull this crap
  2. Gun case for AR15?

    the problem i run into is that my scope sits on top of my AR15 and is way to much height for the planco cases. thanks for the help everyone. i might be able to find a good one at the gun show at the Big E on the 27th/28th
  3. Gun case for AR15?

    I'm looking to pick up a gun case for my AR15 with a carry handle and scope. Any suggestions for a good case? i'm not looking to spend a couple hundred. just a simple hard case so carrying my rifle form the range to home doesn't cause people to freak out. Thanks
  4. Re: Police or L.E.O. Bashing

    Agreed, if people understood Police officers and were in their shoe's, it would be a different story. people just piss and moan about cops. people just need to look at things from their view for once.
  5. Guy carries AR-15 in a park and hassles cops [Video]

    Open carry is legal i MA, gun owners are just to afraid them selves to go out and do it because the law is to vague and open to interpretation. but yes it is legal if you know what you are doing and where you are carrying. not usually a good idea to open carry where there's a large number of people.
  6. Guy carries AR-15 in a park and hassles cops [Video]

    This guy is causing more problems than good, he clear has no idea what he's doing. his licenses should be pulled for the trouble he's causing.
  7. AR receiver recommendations

    i go with local, a small company in Three Rivers, Palmer, ma area. they makes a pretty good receiver. HALPERN TITANIUM
  8. A good IWB holster for Ruger lc9?

    Thanks everyone, i'm sick of using the blackhawk IWB holster i'm interested in the Kusiak holsters, will they work with the laserlyte side laser, i might be getting a good deal on one so i might as well pick it up
  9. A good IWB holster for Ruger lc9?

    does anyone have a good IWB holster for a Ruger LC9. i can't find one that's comfortable and won't destroy my skin. i'm looking for something similar to a full leather holster, similar to crossbreed. but i'm unsure whether my Ruger will be secure. (NO LASER) Any suggestions?
  10. buffer and spring questions for a carbine AR

    i might just have to puck up a carbine stock, tube and spring. i think if i put a carbine buffer in the rifle tube/spring i will have feeding issues due to lack of buffer weight.
  11. buffer and spring questions for a carbine AR

    i have a carbine length AR15 with a rifle length tube,buffer and spring and i can feel the kick when i go shooting. i would like to not have to buy a new stock. so my question is, can i put a carbine buffer in the rifle length spring/tube and still have a good functioning rifle...
  12. M&P9 Trigger - REALLY?

    i just put in an APEX duty action carry kit. dropped the tripper pull down to what seems to be 4.5 lbs. highly recommend getting one put in.
  13. Something doesn't seem quite right in this pic.

    i guess if you throw it the right way....
  14. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Hey, I'm Dave, from western mass. i have experience with S&W M&P's and Rugers and naturally Mossbergs and Marlin .22lr. i've already had a ton of help with forums on this for an apex kit i'm getting in the mail. had a co-worker tell me about this site and what a great resource it is. Glad to be...
  15. Ruger LC9 Lasermax or Laserlyte? i can't decide

    I'm looking to purchase a laser for my Ruger LC9, not sure which is better. LaserMax (similar to Crimson trace) or Laserlyte (mounts on side of gun). any suggestions or opinions?
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